To be reviewed...

We didn't had our class for today because of the Department Assembly :D TGIF! It has been a tiring day, for me. I had to do some errands to comply my requirements for passport. They (my friends) planned to go to CDO to apply for passport that's why I was in a hurry and I did everything but then in the end, I still can't go with them coz I lack one of the requirements -.- 

Have you tried getting your postal ID? how much did you pay? I paid 320 php! t.t I thought it would only cost me around 25-50 PHP. Pheew!! and guess what, the price was not even consistent. My classmates who had their IDs just minutes before me only payed PHP 280 while I payed PHP 320 -.- nia ganahan ka ana?

Enough of the bad things, I already received my second package from Oasap :) Although it arrived late (as expected from our local post office here) it was worth the wait. It's an elastic leopard printed dress and it feels comfortable to wear because if the cloth and I'm sure I won't have any problems regarding the fit since its small. It is on very good condition, although it doesn't have bubble wrap. Here's a sneak peek :) Expect a full review with this dress together with the necklace I got from Eazy Fashion :)

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