Hey lovelies :) What's up? Have you joined my giveaways? if not, well you still have lots of time to join so just feel free to fill up the Rafflecopters. Saw the last giveaway I posted? the one I collaborated with my friends? there will be some changes with the prizes for the reason that I was not able to communicate well with one of the sponsors. Unfortunately, I cannot get in touch and talk with this matter to them since Facebook is blocked here in our campus. Please bear with the changes and I will make sure you get equally or even greater prizes :)

We lost our internet connection in our boarding house so I cannot update my blog everyday, instead I could only write blog posts every week ends or if I feel like blogging in our school library (just like now). I'm currently doing my some errands (assignments and researches) so I wouldn't cram and be loaded with school stuffs in the 11th hour. There would be a lot as in A LOT of up coming requirements and things to do this semester so as much as possible, I would like to start doing things right away.

We will be doing a lot of stuffs this semester since this will be our last in school (2nd semester would be for the 6 months Ojt). One of that is the feasibility study that we should comply. I together with my group mates haven't decided yet on what certain topic we would like to tackle on. What do you think? any suggestions? If you have any samples or if you know where I can find samples of feasibility studies, please tell me :) it would be a great help! Thank you!

For the meantime, join my giveaways and browse my other pages :) Thanks!


  1. walang panglalaki? hehehe

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    Anne of Anneholica

  3. ooo ill check out your giveaways!


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