My Firmoo Glass :)

At last! My Firmoo glass arrived! well, they have actually been in our local post office for almost a week already (together with my Oasap package) and if I didn't claimed it today, it would most probably be delivered right in front of our door by next month or it would not be delivered at all. Just remembered how delayed the letters were, back then when my best friend and I were still writing with each other.

 Anyway, love the pair that I got from Firmoo, even though I wanted more to have a glass for computer use, I still did not regret to have these awesome pair! very vintage :) here's the Firmoo glass that I got! :)


Visit Firmoo and grab your own pair of awesome glass! :)


  1. awwwwwe. I love the glasses em! :)) nicee kaayu, gusto pd tana ko mu avail ana, pero d ko kamao unsaon. grrrr.

  2. nice! How were you able to reach firmoo? Thanksie!

  3. OHMY !! buti ka pa :(
    maybe i should try again ? sana tama na ung mag entertain sa akin >.<

    did you have to pay to get the package ?

    1. i mean, the post office . did you have to pay ?

      kc before, they made me pay :(

  4. wooo. i love the glasses you picked. reminds me of the beatles. :) Given the chance to get a pair from firmoo again, I'd pick this one too.

  5. by the way, may I ask, how do you get somebody to sponsor a give away for you?


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