I'm having a giveaway soon! :)

Hi lovelies! :) did you attend today's mass? Hope you had a great Sunday!
I'm happy to announce that sooner or later, I'll be having my first giveaway! So lucky that I found a very generous sponsor! :)


Spent my Sunday just like any Sunday I had. Watched ASAP and was shocked to know that Gerald Anderson co-performed Sarah Geronimo in ABS-CBN's 2012 summer ID station. And at last! Fate Zero's Season 2 has started! What a blast start! excellent fight scenes as always! 

By the way, here's what I wear this morning at the mass. This cute blouse is what his sister gave to me when I went at their house last April 9. The cardigan is from my Mama :D


Kawaiii! <3

And before I forgot! My sister and I became a part of our Chapel's choir. How's that? I don't even sing loud during mass hehe... but I think it's a good thing especially because I am not singing ordinarily, I'm singing for God :)


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