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 Recently, I have been pinning a ton of cool room ideas. This is the reason why I love Pinterest so much (follow me here). It gives me a lot of inspiration and creativity. I've been very into minimalist rooms lately and I just can't stop pinning. I found a lot of cool minimalist room ideas and I took a lot of inspiration from them. I definitely would love to recreate one of these lovely rooms someday.
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I love anything simple and this trend in interior design suits me too well. I love the simplicity and the cleanliness of this look. I love the bare white walls, the open space and the overall relaxing vibe of it. Definitely the factors I want my room to have.
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There are some people who dislike this style because they think it's dull and boring. But I beg to disagree. I think it's simplicity is what makes is a breathe of fresh air. Everything right now starts from basic. Basic in fashion is even trendy right now. And same as to interior design. We're done with print on prints and color blocking. It's time to appreciate simplicity and it's elegance. 

If you guys love this style like I do, here's a good article to help you achieve this kind of feel to your room. Here's how to create a minimalist bedroom.

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