Teamo Milk Tea Shop

1:44:00 PM

The next shop we hopped next is Teamo! the daintiest and cutest place I've been in Iligan. I love the very cozy pastel interior. Everything in here are so tumblr-like! I love the background music that they play too.
Well aside from milk tea, they also have yummy treats to fill our tummies! :)
We had lasagna, spaghetti and our own cute milk teas made with love! chos!
just look at how adorable is this cover, made me smile :) sooo cute!

Aside from the lovely counter and dainty feel of the place, what attracted me the most was this cute quote painted on this little corner.

have you joined my giveaway? :)

Have a good day!

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  1. omg, they already have this in iligan? so dainty :)

    A Hint of Sunlight

  2. The place looks so nice and the smiley tea cover is like a burst of cuteness!!!


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