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Hi! I am Emmerey Rose, a 22-year old blogger from the Philippines. I share my daily musings and favorite finds from fashion to beauty, here on the blog. There isn't a best way to save the memories and share my life experiences than here! Follow my daily updates for more of my daily adventures and personal style tips!

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Dresswe Homecoming Dresses

It's the homecoming season once again. And I bet, you girls are facing the most difficult part of getting ready for the event, dress hunting. I understand because it really is a struggle. Literally! So here I'm sharing to you some of the most beautiful Dresswe cheap homecoming dresses that I thought you might love too.

If you feel like dressing up a bit glam with some lace and perhaps lots of bead details, then these dresses above might be your bet.

Top Ways To Look Perfect In A Bikini

It’s time to check out your summer wardrobe and make sure you have all the essentials for the warm season. One main thing you will need if you’re planning to go on holiday, this season, is a perfect bikini. It can be hard to find a good one that looks perfect for your shape. Here are the top ways to find the perfect bikini and how to look great in it. 

Choose one that fits correctly
The top thing you should know about looking great in a bikini is to choose one that fits your body. It’s not like choosing a dress where you can squeeze into a lower size; a bikini needs to be exactly the right size for you. Otherwise, you will end up showing more off than you want to. The best bikinis are the ones that come in a cup size, so you know it will cover your breasts correctly. Try on a few till you find one that fits you well and you feel confident in it. 

Four Tips When Travelling To A New City

Traveling to a new place can be a daunting experience. Even for the most well versed traveler amongst us. There is so much we don't think about before heading out there. The locals, the change in culture maybe, the different food and things to do. Sure we may do a little research, but we can get wrapped up in the packing and the countdown to the vacation that we forget about what we will do when we get there. It happens to the best of us. So I thought I would share with you these handy tips to make sure you get the most out of your trip away. 

Do your research
First of all, when traveling to any new destination, it’s essential to do a little research in advance. This is to get a better understanding of the place you are going and what it has to offer. You can research anything from the best attractions to the top restaurants to eat in. You should also be able to determine whether or not your need to travel from the place you are staying. Some hotels or accommodation may not be in the mix of where you want to go. So it’s best to know that before you arrive, so you can factor that into your stay. 

A Guide To Looking Like A Boss On The Beach

To look like a boss on the beach, you don’t need to be super skinny. You don’t need an expensive bikini. You don’t even need a real pair of Raybans. Just about anybody can look like a boss on the beach if you use these tips. Start using them ASAP and you’ll look amazing!

Choose Swimwear To Suit Your Body Type
First of all you don’t even need to eat differently or exercise. Just choose swimwear that suits your body type. Something that looks incredible on a pear shape might not look incredible on an apple shape, for example. Know your body shape and type and then choose your swimwear accordingly. There’s loads of advice online to help you if you’re stuck. It’s really easy to enhance the bits you like and play down the bits you don’t like so much. 

Take Care Of Your Skin
Having smooth, beautiful skin is a must on the beach. Exfoliate regularly a few weeks in advance and moisturise often. Make sure you apply SPF to protect from the sun’s rays too. The smoother and silkier your skin, the sexier you’ll look. You can also use a gradual tan to get that pretty summer glow! 


White Summer Soles

Hey loves! I'm back at window shopping again on several online stores. I've been sitting here in front my laptop, seeing tones of beautiful items for hours! (crazy!).  I know it's pretty addicting and tempting but I just couldn't resist.
white sneaker
white sneaker by emmerey
1.   2.   3.  4.  5.

So I decided to share my top summer picks for you guys. For today, I've been eyeing on these pretty white shoes and sandals that I thought are perfect for this hot season! If you've notice lately, the white sneakers trend has been going on and I think it wouldn't be ending any time soon. Summer season will pretty much be all about white sneakers and sandals too! These lovely shoes are all from Romwe (which is by the way one of my favorites ever!). In case you wanna grab them just click at the product links of your favorite items.

Tech Must Haves for Summer

Hey there! summer is up in the air! (it rhymed!) . Anyway, for some of you summer vacation might about to end but as for me and those who starts classes by August, we're just about to hit summer! And how eventful summer can be other than hitting the beach!? or even going on a crazy adventure with friends or family!? Whatever trip you're going into this summer, here I listed some of the must have gadgets for this summer.

My Favourite Tips For More Body Confidence

You can never have too much body confidence. In a day and age where people are forever critiquing their bodies, skinny/fat shaming others, and just creating a negative body image in general, body confidence is important. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or weight you are. It doesn’t even matter what gender you are. These tips can give you more body confidence! Enjoy…

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
The first thing you need to do is stop comparing yourself to others. It’s one of the reasons people feel so unhappy with the way they look. They compare themselves to somebody else and wonder why they don’t have all of the incredible attributes that they have. They fail to realise that they have many incredible attributes themselves! You need to remember that nobody is perfect, and pretty much every image you see of a celebrity is airbrushed. That look just isn’t achievable in real life! 

Embrace Your Uniqueness
Everybody is unique in their own amazing way. Tall, small, curvy, slim, curly hair, long eyelashes - everybody has amazing things that make them, them! Embrace your own unique features and quirks and love them. There’s nobody you-er than you!

Boho Chic Beach Outfit

Because summer is just around the corner, I know most of you are very excited to hit the beach! I do too! Who wouldn't? it's the perfect time to chill out, get some fresh air and dip in the salty sea water. And if I were to hit the beach right here and then, I would definitely rock this cute and boho beach outfit!

Maxi Dress  (here)
Off Shoulder Floral Top  (here)
Brown Peep Toe Sandals  (here)
Retro Sunglass  (here)
Boho Layered Necklace  (here)
Flash Tattoo (here)

For a stroll at the beach, I think I'd opt for a cute and feminine floral off shoulder top with an equally amazing denim shorts. I personally think this would look totally awesome and is very comfortable with the sunny weather. I even think this outfit is perfect for a casual day at the mall or at the park. It's quite versatile. To finish it off, I think I'd go for a brown strappy design yet comfortable and convenient pair of sandal that I can easily take off whenever I want. And for the finishing touches, a trendy layered necklace and cool flash tattoos would be awesome to achieve the boho chic vibe! And because it's sunny, we definitely have to protect our delicate eyes from the harsh sun light, so this cute pink  gradient aviator will compliment the outfit!

And for a night at the beach, I think this tribal print maxi dress will look awesome too! No one can go wrong with a tribal print in achieving a boho vibe. A nice floppy hat will also do the trick! :)