Taking Your Skin Care Back To Basics

With the rise in YouTube beauty gurus, and the attention on high-end brands at the moment, it can sometimes feel like you need to research quick loans in order to have the best, and most effective skincare routine. However, there are plenty of natural products for a fraction of the price, and drugstore alternatives that will give the exact same results without the hefty cost attached. Here are a few ways you can strip your skincare routine back to basics, so you can keep a few pennies in your bank account, rather than splashed on expensive skincare. Though these options may be considerably cheaper, you will still get the same great results you desire.

Face Masks

Though Glamglow has cool colored masks that do pretty much everything needed for your skin, there are much cheaper ways of maintaining clear skin and a healthy glow - like making your own masks. Pretty much everyone will have an avocado in their fridge and some honey, which when mashed together makes a great mask for relieving dry skin. Oatmeal is also great for calming down sensitive, irritated, acne-prone skin when mixed (Source) with a little yogurt and honey. You can also make a mixture of coffee, cocoa powder, yoghurt and honey which makes a great mask for detoxifying the skin and revitalizing that healthy glow everyone is after. All you have to do is get creative in your kitchen for five minutes, and you can create a natural mask catered specifically to your skin's needs, all for the cheap cost of a few dollars. Perfect.


For a product you only need to use a couple of times a week, it seems silly to spend half your paycheck on it, right? Especially when quite a few of the scrubs out there have ingredients in them that are too harsh for your skin, and could be the cause of your redness or sudden breakout. Making your own sugar scrub from brown sugar and honey mixed together and left in the fridge overnight will mean you have a gentle, antioxidant, complexion boosting, anti-bacterial scrub ready for exfoliating. The gentler the scrub, the better for your skin.

Makeup Remover

One of the cheapest, natural makeup removers on the market is coconut oil - an extremely versatile product. It will even remove waterproof mascara - rather than having to fork out for an eye makeup remover - specifically to take off the stubborn blackness left around your eyes after a night out from your normal cleansers. Coconut oil will cleanse your makeup off without leaving your skin with that tightness and dried out feeling that many cleansers are accompanied by, due to its moisturizing properties. It also removes makeup so effectively you won't have to rub or scrub your eyes, making the delicate skin more liable to fine lines and wrinkles.

There you have it - a few ways you can save money, without having to scrimp on luxury, high-quality treatments for your skin. You can still have smooth, clear, glowing skin without having to blow all of your savings on high-end products.


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