How To Start A Fashion Blog On A Budget

Fashion blogging has been said to be declining for years. However, the rumor is unfounded. Fashion blogging is not dead. It simply has evolved. The days of the perfect little girl styled like in a magazine are long gone. Nowadays, fashion bloggers are looking at new angles and developing exciting approaches to define their style. It’s not a matter of creating a middle of the road sense of fashion, but about making your style part of your everyday life. You don’t need the latest dark red lipstick by a world-famous cosmetic brand anymore. You need items that not only match your style but also your life priorities, whether you’re a vegan, working on a budget or even trying to embrace your creativity. It’s this need for a more ethical and personal style that fashion bloggers have to address. Consequently, don’t let the media take your dream of a fashion blog away. Fashion blogging isn’t dead; it’s changing!

Get the fashion blogger gear

A fashion blogger is above all a blogger. You need to secure a blog presence to establish your reputation, whether you intend to blog for pleasure or business. As a general rule of the thumb, you will need to purchase a domain name for your blog, as well as find the best platform to host and build your website. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful web platforms that make it easy for non-technical individuals to build their own site. Wordpress is a favorite among bloggers, but you can also try Squarespace and Wix. Then, you will need to invest in a quality camera, as the fashion and beauty industry requires quality imagery. Unfortunately, it can be costly to set up your blog, so you might want to look for credit cards for bad credit unsecured if you’re worried about managing the costs. If you want to set your blog as a business, you could apply for a commercial loan instead.

[caption id="attachment_7448" align="aligncenter" width="640"]30463274482_90aff8a230_z Fashion bloggers need a quality camera[/caption]


Choose an exciting angle

Fashion blogging needs to target a specific audience group. Some of the most popular angles at the moment are budget-friendly fashion blogging and ethical fashion if you are looking for ideas. But there are plenty of fashion niches that are available. You could create a blog that discusses fashion trends for people with a prosthesis or in a wheelchair, as it’s an audience that is too often ignored from the catwalk shows. Plus size fashion is popular. However, there isn’t much about style for very tall or very small people. Remember: Niche subjects are cheaper to pierce into.

Develop an eye for details

Whether you pick a niche sector or you choose to embrace a more popular area of fashion, you need to deliver something unique to your audience. Indeed, nobody wants to read the same tips and recommendations over and over again. You have to develop your unique style to appeal to your audience. Start by finding out how to express your personality through colors, shapes and designs before you can create an attention-worthy fashion blog. After all, fashion is an extension of your identity.


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In conclusion, a successful fashion blogger has the right tool to make it work, knows the audience they write for, and has a distinctive style. Without the holy trinity of budget fashion blogging, you can’t succeed.



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