Eat Iligan: Tavolo Resto

Have you guys read my previous Eat Iligan post? Check it out now if you haven't yet! I blogged about Pinch, a very cute and dainty cafe here in Iligan. Anyway, for today's post, here's another great cafe here in Iligan that you can go!

I'm sure this restaurant isn't one of the places set for the Eat Iligan Food Appreciation Tour by the Iligan Blogger's Society but I personally like the place so I decided to feature it on my blog. If you guys are from Iligan or if you want to visit Iligan, don't miss out the chance to visit Tavolo Resto. Their place looks very rustic and rugged yet clean and modern. I know I don't make any sense but it's really hard to explain. Plus, I'm no interior design expert so I don't know how to properly describe the place! Just visit them personally okay? :) I also love all the cool art painted on the wall. The quotes are so witty. Perfect for an Instagram shot!

mdecofsdrcofI visited on a rainy afternoon together with my eating buddy, my boyfriend. We ordered just enough for the two of us. Well, that's what we thought. But we got a serving good for perhaps 3 people.mdeedfedfCan you just imagine my reaction when the waiter was serving this huge drink right on our table? My thoughts were how are we gonna eat all of this?! You guys know I have weak tonsils and I easily get tonsillitis. Not that frequent anymore tho, thankfully ever since my family and I started taking Usana supplements. Anyway, for those of you guys who have sweet tooth, definitely get this one!mdeedfmde

We didn't finish this gigantic smoothie. It was so yummy and tasty but it was just too much for just the two of us. It's definitely very worthy of the money we paid for. I think this huge drink only costs P150 something.  And if I remember correctly, our bill was less than P500 pesos which is quite affordable given the fact that we were so full.

That's it for today. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Expect more yummy posts soon! Have a great day! <3


  1. the place looks nice! I want to visit it the next time I'm around Iligan! :)

    xoxo, rae


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