Dresslily Wishlist

Hey, guys what's up!? :) My friend and I have been window shopping online lately. If you guys remembered, I've already mentioned Dresslily before and my friend has been raving about them because they have plus size tankini that she has always been looking for. As for me, I love that they have so many trendy designs to choose from. I LITERALLY spent hours browsing through their website. I'm contemplating which one to get! Guys, help me choose! :)


Dresslily Wishlist: Denim Obsession

Dresslily Wishlist: Denim Obsession by emmerey

I have this obsession with denim lately and I couldn't help myself when I saw all these super cute stuff at Dresslily. Denim skirt, overalls, jacket, pants. You don't know how troubled I was after seeing all these stuff the other day. I'd be broke just by browsing their shop! Which of these should I get? I want them all! lol


Dresslily Wishlist: Shoe Love

Dresslily Wishlist: Shoe Love by emmerey 

I also tried checking their shoes and my problem just skyrocketed! I mean, just look at them. Wouldn't you want them all for yourself? I love the loafers, they look very trendy and comfortable to wear too! The strapped sandals look so pretty and bohemian. The black shoes look so sporty and cool! while the striped peep-toe heels are very chic and classy. I can't even choose.

By the way, if you guys are plus size or you know someone and is looking for some cool and cute plus size tankini, you might want to check Dresslily too. My friend loves them to bits! Here are some of her favorites.



At this rate, I could go broke and I haven't even checked their other stuff! I wanted to check their bags and dresses but I might not be able to hold myself any longer so I didn't. I decided it'd be best not to so I won't be even more problematic. You probably think I'm very overreacting right now. Oh well, yeah I am. #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, I seriously don't know yet which to one to get. Let me know what you guys think I should buy! Leave them in the comments section down below!

Have a good day!


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