Top 3 New Korean Dramas You Shouldn't Miss

What's up!? I've never blogged since my last Father's Days dedication post which is about more or less 15 days ago. It's been hectic and a lot has happened. Nevertheless, I'm back with not a fashion nor beauty related post, but about #kdrama (aaaahhh!). If you're a Kdrama lover like me, then you're most probably already watching these currently airing Korean dramas. In case you haven't yet, or if you're currently binge watching some other Kdrama. Then you better spend some time catching up with these three cool, new and exciting Korean dramas!

Fight My Way

Fight My Way - New Korean Dramas to watchFight My Way or Third Rate My Way tells a story about friendship, generation struggles and blossoming romance between the leads. Four young adults struggling to survive, attempting to reach their dreams and live their owns ways despite the society burden and harsh realities in life. This drama stars Park Seo Joon (of Hwarang & She Was Pretty) and Kim Ji Woon (of Descendants of the Sun). Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoon also stars as the second lead couple. This show began airing last May 22, 2017.Fight My Way - New Korean Dramas You Should Watch

This drama is Kim Ji Won's first lead which is pretty exciting! I was a fan of her since The Hiers and most especially in her role in Descendants of the Sun (read my 10 Reasons to Love DOTS, Favorite Scenes from DOTS). And I'm glad she finally stars as a lead in this drama. Park Seo Joon on the other hand, already have a few lead roles but this drama was my first time watching him and he's pretty good! (pretty handsome and manly too! not the typical pretty and skinny leading man!).

I was immediately hooked with the first two episodes in its pilot week. If you love Romance Comedy dramas, then you will absolutely love these four leads and the story line! Especially the lead couple, you'll love their "cats & dog" relationship. I love their story about being long time friends evolving into lovers. Well anyway, I don't want to spoil you guys so you better start catching up with the next episodes on Monday and Tuesday!


Ruler of The Mask

Ruler of the Mask - New Korean Dramas to watch

If you loved "Love in the Moonlight" then you will absolutely love this historical Korean drama starring Yoo Seung-ho, Kim So-hyun, Kim Myung-soo, and Yoon So-hee. This drama and the 2016 historical Korean drama Love in the Moonlight have quite a few similarities in my perspective. Both dramas are set in Joseon era with young male actors born in 1993, and female leads in 1999. The OST singers of Love in the Moonlight also sang a few songs for Ruler of the Mask which makes the drama feel somewhat like Love in the Moonlight. I can see these few similarities although these two Korean dramas totally have different story lines and tone. Love in the Moonlight was more about romance and has lighter melodrama scenes while Ruler of the Mask has a darker tone with more intense and suspense scenes.

This drama tells a story of the Crown Prince and his fight against the powerful organization named Pyunsoo. Headed by Daemok, Pyunsoo group controls the country behind the scenes with its monopoly of the water supply. The Crown Prince and his allies are set to destroy Pyunsoo and take back his throne.

Ruler of the Mask Cast- New Korean Dramas to watch

I absolutely love the main leads. Aside from the fact that I love watching young actors in dramas, they all have immense chemistry and they simply give justice to their roles. I have been a fan of Kim So Hyun ever since Moon Embraces The Sun and I couldn't get enough of her beauty and talent. I still couldn't imagine that she's all grown up and is now a lady. She and the main actor look good together I must say! :) I'm not quite sure but I think this drama is set on it's last few episodes so you guys better hurry and catch up next Wednesday and Thursday!


Queen for Seven Days

Queen for Seven Days - New Korean Dramas to watch

Here's another historical Korean drama that I've been loving! I actually do not used to like historical dramas not until I fell in love with Moon Embracing the Sun and Love in the Moonlight!

Queen for Seven days has got me first with its child actors! I didn't intentionally want to watch another Korean drama but I was so bored and decided to give this one a try since it stars Park Min-Young ( which was my favorite because of City Hunter!) and Yeon Woo-Jin (from Introverted Boss). I got hooked with the fun and light aura of the child actors and their superb acting skills! Not to mention, they both resemble the main leads!

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The story revolves around Shin Chae Kyung (Park Min Young) a daughter of a powerful politician falling in love with the crown prince, Lee Yuk (Yeon Woo Jin) who is considered a threat by his half-brother the king, Yeon San Gun (Lee Dong Gun). The drama pretty much started with a scene of Park Min Young hanged and killed. I guess it was a prophecy which hints us about a possibly sad and drastic ending. Who knows!?

Queen for Seven Days Cast - New Korean Dramas to watch

All I know is that this is an immensely well-crafted drama with a really talented cast and good story line. I actually didn't like Yeon Woo Jin in his drama Introverted Boss but his acting in this drama has definitely changed my mind about him. He's really good and I think he fits well with his character. Park Min Young is no doubt a good actress since City Hunter days! And the other main lead, Lee Dong Gun is another of my favorite. I hate his character but I love him as an actor. He portrays his role very well! Every time the half brothers are together, it's always a nail biting experience. This drama rivals with Ruler of The Mask in timeslot but oh well, we can definitely watch and love these two regardless!


And that's it. These three Korean Dramas are my current favorite. I love watching finished Korean dramas but I prefer watching the currently airing ones like these three. Why? because I'm more productive than having late nights and spending 24 hrs of my day binge watching a Korean drama (stressful!). By this, I get to watch an hour a day of these currently showing dramas which I find healthy and enough to satisfy my love for Kdrama!

Anyway, let me know if you guys have watched any of these three! Or if you have other currently showing Korean dramas you can recommend! :) I'll be glad to check them out! Have a great day!


  1. It is been a long time that I haven`t watched Korean Dramas,but now i going to :)

  2. not really a fan or kdrama and di rin ako nakain ng sistema (haha) but i do enjoy watching from time to time. hehe

    xoxo, rae

  3. Hindi ako sure if I'll recommend you to watch kasi baka kainin kana din ng sistema. haha pero if you decide to, try any of these three :)

  4. Check those three! :)


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