How to Design a Stunning Instagram Feed

I'm back! It has been a hectic month for me. It's halfway till August kicks in and school break is over. I haven't blogged for the longest time and I miss blogging! I miss you guys! :) Couldn't take enough time to sit and type my thoughts. I have been quite active on social media tho. You can pretty catch me on my Instagram stories and Instagram feed whenever I'm MIA here on my blog.

Speaking of Instagram, well I can't say that I have the most artsy feed but I do have some knowledge and things that I learned from working in the SEO industry. I came across several articles regarding social media and particularly Instagram. If you are having problems on how to design a stunning Instagram Feed (like I did!) well then, here are a few tips I picked up that might just help you out!

  • Choose Your Ideal Instagram Feed Aesthetic

    Choosing an aesthetic means you have to choose photos that will only fit the theme or vibe you're after. Look at your Instagram feed as a whole. How do your photos look together? Don't force to post photos that don't have the same "vibe" you're trying to achieve. You can still totally share them by posting on your Instagram stories or other social media accounts. You could choose to have a bright, fun, golden, vintage, moody, or colorful aesthetic.

    I recommend you check famous Instagram personalities and their feed for inspiration. Personally, I love Michelle Phan, Nadine Lustre (local Philippine celebrity), Aspyn Ovard, Alisha Marie and a lot more Youtubers :)
    Create Stunning Instagram
    I personally like my feed to have a hint of peach vintage. I use A5 from The Preview App mostly to all my photos :) My Instagram feed is not perfect but it's a working progress.

  • Use Similar Filters

    Keep your Instagram feed consistent and cohesive by using similar filters.  This will help you design a stunning Instagram feed naturally. By similar, I don't mean you use one filter to all your posts. Use a few similar filters that will help you achieve that cohesive feed. Don't limit yourself to filters Instagram can offer. I personally like to use VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Pomelo, PicsArt, and Preview App. If you guys have any recommendations, please share and leave them in the comments section below! :)

    Remember Michelle Phan when she used to switch filters very smoothly in her feed? She's totally a pro!
    MichellePhanIG-Create Stunning Instagram

  • Plan Your Posts

    Again, look at your Instagram feed as a whole. Take a step back from posting your selfie you took just a few minutes ago and ask yourself, "would this photo fit my feed?". Well, did you know that famous Instagram personalities don't just upload whenever they want to? They plan their feed ahead of time! This allows you to figure out which of your photos would look together side by side (I learned this the hard way!). This I must say, is the best tip if you want to create a visually appealing Instagram feed.

    There are a bunch of tools you can use to plan and design a stunning Instagram feed ahead of time. Some of which are Later, Planoly, Plannthat, and more. I personally use The Preview App. It's a FREE app which has a three row and column grid just like Instagram. It basically gives me a visual planner that allows me to drag and drop my photos around until I like how it looks. And I'm all ready to upload one or two photos each day.

    There's no limit to how many photos you plan ahead! It has a built-in editor, set of filters and allows me to monitor and track my posts' performance. Cool right!? (ps. I'm not in any way sponsored by them, I just love their app!)

    thepreviewapp-Create Stunning Instagram

  • Light is Everything

    High-quality photos are a must to make a stunning Instagram feed. To get the best photos, always aim for natural light. I cannot emphasize how important light is for photography and videography. You can always use several apps to edit brightness and highlights but nothing can ever beat natural light. Create Stunning Instagram

  • Know Basic Photography Skills

    You don't need to have big bulky professional cameras to perfect your Instagram feed. All you need is your smart phone! You and your smart phone will go a long way in curating your feed. I personally use my phone for my feed and even a lot of famous bloggers, YouTubers, and celebrity too! A good smart phone and basic photography skills to get the perfect Instagram angles are all you need.

    Here's a very helpful infographic from auraframes to give you tips for taking better pictures on your phone. (Aura Frame is a new electronic photo frame that displays pictures right from your phone, so they might as well be top quality!)
    Auraframes- Create Stunning Instagram Feed -

  • Leverage Free Editing Tools & Apps

    There are a ton of apps you can download for free to help you edit and create stunning photos to post on your feed. Some of which I already mentioned above. To add, I personally use Canva. I've used it for the longest time not only for my Instagram feed but even for my blog graphics and other digital design.

    I'm currently trying out Fotojet  (I used it to make the blog post banner on the top most part of this post, what 'ya say?). I like how I can create graphic designs, make collage and edit stunning photos! They have powerful editing tools and a lot of templates which makes graphic designing so much easier. You don't need pro skills to use this tool. If you're a beginner then this will help you out! And what's even cooler about this tool? IT'S FREE! :)

    FotoJet- Create Stunning Instagram Feed

    I will make a full review in my next post and perhaps give away 3 premium FotoJet accounts (hint! hint!) so you better stay tuned! :)

My Instagram feed isn't in any way perfect. It's a working progress but I hope these tips will help you. If you got some friends asking how you created a stunning Instagram feed then I hope you can share this article to them! It's fun to design your feed and showcase your creativity and build your personal brand. But remember, it's just Instagram. The world isn't going to end if you don't post a selfie or if you post your favorite makeup look. IT'S JUST AN APP so be creative and have fun!

Have a good day!


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