Beauty Review: Maybelline V-Face Duo Stick

Hey guys! I'm back with another beauty review. Yay! As usual, this is an overdue post. I'm almost half way of the product which makes it obvious to say how I love using it.

I contoured my face every day when I was working in Cebu way back 2013-2014. It was a must since I was at the forefront of the hotel as a front office associate. I face and converse with local and foreign guests. I couldn't afford not to look decent in front of them. I used powder contour. Highlighters were never a thing back then. I think it was Michelle Phan who released her Chiarascuro stick through her brand Em Cosmetics when the idea of contour and highlight first became a thing. And then every brand started making their own version. I couldn't get a hold of her Chiarascuro stick since Em Cosmetics don't ship to the Philippines ( I didn't have the budget way back then too!). Great thing Maybelline released their own version. It's a dupe (I still prefer and would love to try one from Em Cosmetics) but it's way cheaper and accessible.


I got the Maybelline V-face Duo Stick in medium from Watsons for P600+. Not quite sure of the exact price, I already forgot! It's kinda expensive but it's definitely way cheaper than the one from Em Cosmetics which was $24. I'm sure Maybelline will lower the price a few months from now. Just in time when I use out of this one :)


I love the sleek design of the stick. Love the black and metallic silver combination. You guys know it's my aesthetic. The stick is very sturdy. I accidentally dropped this a lot of times and it never broke, nor the contour and highlighter inside. Thumbs up! :)

[caption id="attachment_5537" align="aligncenter" width="3264"]Jpeg Highlighter stick[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5538" align="aligncenter" width="3264"]Jpeg Contour stick[/caption]



This is how it looks like when swatched. I used this contour stick on my get ready with me video. I first hesitated to buy this one because of the price but I decided to give it a go because my face has gotten rounder LOL I didn't end up regretting a cent! :)


I got the medium shade which was the best decision I ever made. I got the right shade for my skin for the first time! lol for some reasons, I always suck at choosing the right shade. Anyway, it's very pigmented as you can see from the swatch in the photo above. It kind of sheers out in the skin when blended which is fine for me but might not be for some of you.



It blends so well. I have nothing to complain at all. As I've said, it kind of sheer out when blended which for me is a good thing because it makes it look natural on the skin. You can always build the color if you want to emphasize the contour more or use a contour powder on top. Easy solution! I love how I get that effortless glow when I use this product. Not to mention, it gives my face dimension! I look like a siopao (pale and white) when I don't contour my face. A little contour and shading surely go a long way.

Will I repurchase?

I will rate this an 8 out of 10 because of the price. I didn't regret a cent when I bought this product but it would be better if this was priced lower. I will not repurchase not because I don't like it but because there are a lot of contour and highlighter stick in the market that I still have to try. I'm always on the hunt for good products!

Here's my get ready with me video where I used the duo stick. Hope you guys enjoy! :)


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