Congratulations On Your Engagement! Now What?

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god; you’re engaged. Congratulations, lovely lady. Not only have you found The One, he is yours to keep forever, yours to love and look at and hold and go on a life long adventure with. This is truly one of the most magical times in anyone’s life and it is yours to cherish with the one person you want to cherish it with.

But what do you do now?

Don’t worry, that is a totally normal and natural question to be asking yourself because, well, being engaged is overwhelming and emotional. That is why we have come up with a list of top tips and tricks to help you make this special time in your life even more special, and successfully navigate it too.

Don’t Leap Into Social Media Right Away

There are so many people that are going to want to hear this news from the bride-to-be’s mouth, not on a social media post, so give them that honor. Phone them right away. Your parents, grandparents, siblings, best friend, and then other close people, other family members of friends. Better yet, Facetime them. Let them see your matching Simon G rings before you post an up close and personal picture of them on Instagram with some gorgeous filter. Once you have done this, well, then you’re free to shout it from the metaphorical mountaintop.

Be Prepared For The Onslaught Of Questions

This is a natural part of getting engaged, and one that is exciting for everyone involved. However, you will get tired of answering the questions over and over and find it all a bit - we mean a lot - overwhelming. So craft yourself some good responses. The typical questions will be these:

  • Where is the wedding going to be?

  • Have you set a date?

  • Am I invited?

  • Am I going to be part of the wedding?

Get That Ring Of Yours Protected

The ring on your finger is going to be worth a serious amount of cash, that is a fact. We are not trying to deter away from the personal significance of it because that is right at the top. But that doesn’t mean you should be thinking about the monetary value either. Traditionally a ring is made of a diamond, however other gems and rare stones are used too; either way, the thing on your finger is precious, so please, please make sure you insure it. This can be done in the simplest way possible by adding it to your home insurance. If you don’t have home insurance, well, this is the perfect time to get some.

Get Yourself Onto Pinterest

You are going to be in wedding mode. Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. Dream wedding. That is all you are going to be thinking about. Where you want the wedding, what type of wedding, what theme, tablecloths, unique ideas, invites, centerpieces, decorations, everything and anything will add to the whirr of your wedding brain. That’s where Pinterest comes in. It is a total abyss of incredible ideas, all of which will help you plan the best wedding ever.


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