Summer #HairGoals

With summer just around the corner, it's no surprise that most of us girls have started preparing for the perfect beach outfits! And while everyone is busy shopping for bikinis, crop tops, etc. I want o remind you that summer is also a great season to showcase your hair styles. Too much about fashion and makeup, let's talk about hair goals!

If there is ever a perfect time to experiment with looks, it's definitely during summer. And when it comes to summer hair styles of 2017, it'all about being adventurous, beachy and yet still fresh and natural. You can go ahead and strut your bright-colored hair if you prefer so but personally, I like a more natural hair look for this summer. Here are some trendy #HairGoals I found all over internet that you might want to take inspirations with :)

What is more appropriate to rock this summer than a mermaid curled hair? Loving how this hairstyle can give a fresh and younger aura. This hairstyle is especially trendy in Koran right now and I couldn't see any reason why the rest of us can't wear the style. This is a perfect hairstyle for beach outings!

You can never go wrong with a natural beachy, salty locks for summer. Totally loving how this hairstyle can go perfectly with any look you are aiming for.

Another trendy look you can also try this summer is the go-to buns. Space buns, side buns, messy buns and all other kinds of buns! It's the perfect style to keep your hair up to help you cope with the hot weather during summer.

If you girls worry about having a short hair and not being able to style them as much as you want, the best and easiest way than waiting for your hair to naturally grow is to use human hair extensions. You can basically have a long and sleek straight hair, a curly hair or wavy hair instantly whenever you want to.

Especially for important events, hair extensions will definitely come very handy. I haven't personally tried using hair extensions ever but I have already seen a lot of people wearing one. It used to be only celebrities but a lot of people are using hair extensions nowadays. They all recommend using virgin hair extensions for a more natural look. There's no more reason not to achieve your hair goals this summer! 

Moving on, messy curls are also in for summer! If you have a natural curly hair, then it's the perfect time to rock them. Let your natural hair stand out.

Lastly, if you prefer tying your hair one great way to still look stylish is by braiding them. There are a bunch of different braided hairstyles you can choose from. I personally love braids but sad to say I am not good with braiding my hair. Not matter how I try I just can't do it right lol

Those are all my personal favorites. Let me know what you guys think. Which of the hairstyles do you prefer? :) Leave them in the comments section down below. Have a great day!


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