Spring Cleaning Your closet

You love shopping? your wardrobe might not take it anymore! 

Does it feel overwhelming in the morning when you try to figure out what to wear? Can you still properly close your overflowing closet? And don't you want to buy everything in your spring wishlist? If you're one heavy shopper, then you might want to clear out your wardrobe. It is the perfect time to spring clean and allow new space to fill up.

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, stressful and satisfying all the same time. And I bet the moment you start, you will realize how many items you have accumulated over the last months, and how many you haven't used for so long. 

So here, I got some very helpful tips that I myself have been doing whenever I declutter my closet. I thought I might just share it with you guys :)

Blast some music
Keep your spirit high by blasting your favorite pop, funky music. Turn up the volume with Ariana Grande's cool soothing voice and high notes! You might want to listen to her remake of the Beauty and the Beast song with John Legend if you prefer listening to classical music. A bit of background noise will help you go a long way with your spring cleaning. 

Go through every item category
I don't recommend you laying everything out of the closet all at once. That is gonna be a lot of work! I suggest you go through every shelf or category in your closet. Small steps at a time will help you work in a more organized manner. 

This is the hardest part of the whole process. You have to decide what to keep and bid farewell. Keep in mind not to let sentimental values conquer your decision making. No matter how sentimental an item is, you have to let it go. Remember, they are just clothes. If you have not worn an item for 6 months then it's time to say goodbye. If it's stained and can't be fixed then bid farewell. There are a lot of people who can use these items more than you. Here's a helpful infographic to help you guys decide: 
Infographic from Tommy John- a men's underwear company.

Toss, Sell or Donate
Classify the ones you have bid farewell into three: toss, sell, and donate. I suggest you use three separate boxes for each category for convenient disposal. Toss the ones that you think your relatives or friends would love. Sell the other ones that you have grown out of liking that are still in good shape. And donate the ones you have not used for such a long time that are still in good condition to the people in need.

Invest in organization
At this time, you are left with only the latest and your favorite clothing items. It's time to organize them properly into your closet. First off, make sure you clean and dust off the shelves and racks. It is the perfect time that you make use of the organizational life hacks you have probably seen a million times on Youtube. I also suggest you buy compartments that you can use to organize your shoes, all black slim hangers for your clothes and other organizational items for your closet. 

Call a friend
One last tip, you might want to call a friend for some help and make the whole process more fun and exciting! 

And that's it. Spring cleaning well done! I know it feels like a lot of work but I promise you that everything is gonna be worth it. Just imagine the feeling of having a slimmer and more spaced closet when you get ready in the morning. What a nice feeling to see all your clothes properly laid out right? It allows us to see more on what outfit would look better to wear! Anyway, I hope my tips will help you guys out. Let me know if you have any better spring cleaning tips or if you tried mine :)  Have a great day!


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