Retail Therapy: The Couple That Shops Together, Stays Together

Retail therapy is all about buying things and switching up your look to lift your spirits. You may love shopping alone, but what about taking a few trips with your other half? If you both have an appreciation for fashion or your partner’s in need of some style pointers, a day out shopping could be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re off shopping together, and you’re keen to stay in each other’s good books and avoid shop-floor showdowns, here are some simple rules to stick to.

Plan ahead
Nothing gets you off on the wrong foot like running late or wasting time trying to decide where to go or what to wear. If you’ve got a day off coming up or you have a free weekend, work out some plans. Where do you want to go for your shopping spree and how are you going to get there? Set a time when you want to leave, and plan an outfit the night before if you’re keen to get an early start. Set your alarm so that you’re not rushing. You don’t want to be arguing or feeling stressed before you’ve even got out of the door.

If you’re going to a massive shopping mall or you’ve got things on your list that you need to get on that day, draw up a rough strategy. Visit the stores you’re desperate to have a look at first, and then if you have time, you can explore others. 

Be honest, but don’t be unkind
Style is subjective, and what you love, your partner may hate and vice versa. It’s important for everyone to be able to showcase their personality and celebrate their own sense of style. When you’re out shopping, be honest, but don’t be unkind. If your other half is trying something on, and it doesn’t look quite right, tell them that you prefer other items. You don’t need to go into detail about why you don’t like it or laugh your head off when they come out of the changing room. 

Be supportive and helpfulWhen you’re shopping, it can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride for your self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes, you may take a pile of clothing into the fitting room and look great in every item. Other times, you can try six dresses on, and feel like you’re losing the will to live. Girls tend to think that it’s only females that suffer from the occasional crisis of confidence, but men do too. If you’re assuming the role of personal shopper, be as supportive and helpful as you can. If something doesn’t look perfect, but you love the style, think of ways around it. You could try different colors or a different size, for example. 

Embrace each other’s flaws
Nobody is perfect, and we all have insecurities. The best thing about spending time with your partner is having fun together, and feeling relaxed in each other’s company. When you love someone, you love everything about them, and what may be an imperfection to you may be something they find attractive or adorable. Embrace each other’s flaws, and give each other a confidence boost. A shopping trip is a perfect excuse to shower your loved one with compliments and make them feel great. 

Help each other to make decisions
Are you one of those people who stands in front a mirror for ages umming and ahhing about which dress you should go for or whether you’re going to take the plunge or leave something in the store? If so, shopping with a companion can be really useful. Are you looking for an outfit for a wedding or do you need a piece of jewelry to finish off your look for a night out? Does your partner needs something to wear for a work event or are they keen to get advice on how to buy gold chains to jazz up their casual wardrobe? Whatever the aim of your outing, you can be there for each other. Go around some stores, try some different outfits and accessories on, and offer your honest opinion. If you’ve got loads of options, you might be able to rule some out straight away, but your partner can help you to make the call once you’ve got a short list. 

Be tactful
If you love a look that your other half isn’t crazy about, encourage them to try clothing on that they wouldn’t normally consider, but be tactful about it. Don’t insult their usual style. Instead, pick out some items you like, and urge them to hit the fitting room. If they don’t like them, at least you tried. If they do, then you’re both winners. 

Have fun!
The most important part of spending time together as a couple is having fun. Most of us don’t get enough time to spend with our other halves, so make the most of the days you do have together. Think positively, even if things aren’t going your way in the fitting rooms, and try not to take out any anger on your partner. Be kind to each other, and try and stay calm even if you start to feel frustrated. Have a joke and a laugh together, and don’t take each other too seriously. 

For some people, the idea of shopping with a partner may seem a little crazy. You may prefer to shop alone or with friends. However, many couples enjoy hitting the mall together. If you’ve not tried it before, give it a go. It can e really useful to have your partner’s opinion, and you can plan a really fun day out. Get a rough itinerary pinned down so that you don’t waste time, and don’t get stressed if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the first store. Be kind to each other, but be honest. Compliment each other, and offer your opinions and advice. If you can survive the day and enjoy some retail therapy, this may just indicate a very bright future. 


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