Get The Look, Keep The Cash

Anyone can flash a credit card and look fabulous, but not everyone wants to have to deal with the consequences of that sort of life decision. In fact, there are many of us that want to look the part, but we don’t necessarily want to part with inordinate amounts of money to get there. Fashion is what you make of it - of course, you can throw money at it, but you can also be smart about it, and still look just as on trend.

Splurge on statement pieces

Sometimes it’s nice to throw a bit of money at something stunning. If you want to turn heads, a statement item of clothing is one of the best ways. But in order to justify this statement piece, bankroll it with cheaper staples. You don’t need to spend a hundred dollars on strap top, so go highstreet for the essentials and high-end for the treats, and your money will roll a whole lot further.

Don’t fall for the label costs

Any savvy shopper knows that the money for designer brands is buying the label and nothing else, so go for lesser known brands, and you’ve still got yourself a stunning piece of clothing, without the expensive name. Buying for the label doesn’t guarantee you’ll love the piece, so instead shop for things you love, pieces that make you feel good, and forget the label.

Shop the highstreet

Fast fashion is the future, and it’s the perfect way to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Stores such as H&M, ASOS, Zara and more are great for getting catwalk-type pieces, without the price tag. Remember, tailors exist, so if you’re worried about the fit of some more inexpensive items of clothing, a tailor can get it looking perfect, and you’ll still have spent less.

Make the most of the internet

The internet is full of fashion gems. Etsy and eBay are by far the best places to find beautiful bargains, many of which will be unique pieces. You can even save money when shopping online by making the most of coupons, discount codes, and online sales. Sure, high street shopping is therapeutic and fun, but the best bargains are online.

It’s all in the accessories anyway

Trends move on quickly, but those trends are more often on the accessories than the clothes themselves. Learning how to accessorize an outfit to keep it on trend can help to avoid the costs of a new wardrobe every season. Get creative, mix and match your accessories and clothes, and don’t be afraid to try something new. The mismatched style is on point this season, so there’s never been a better time to experiment with your style.

Lastly, don’t forget to pay attention to beauty trends - a new lipstick is far cheaper than an entirely new wardrobe, and it can bring a slightly older outfit to the point of high-fashion effortlessly. Fashion doesn’t have to break the bank, you’ve just got to shop smart and push the boundaries - it’s all art after all.


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