Fashion Inspiration From Hollywood!

When you are thinking about your personal style, one of the best places to get inspiration from is Hollywood, but we aren’t talking the strip or the red carpet. If you want to get inspired then switch on your TV and start watching some of the iconic films of our generation.

With the internet and impressive technology being at our fingertips, it is simple to stream film and tv shows; you don’t have to spend a fortune hiring Dvds or downloading things off iTunes. There are some great sites for streaming so go check it out.

Now, sit back and watch some of the most iconic films of all time then take your fashion inspiration and walk out like the leading lady. You don’t have to adopt the attitude, but it does help! Here are three of our favorites to get you going.

No one could deny that Julia Roberts looked stunning. Regardless of which part of the film you watched, she even managed to nail prostitute chic. We don’t think that is where you should draw your inspiration from, though. We adored the outfits that Richard Gere chose her and thought she looked simply stunning in the black cocktail dress she wore for their first proper dinner. You can get the look yourself for a far smaller price tag, by checking out the deals at H&M.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Obviously, this is one of the most glamorous films of all time. Audrey Hepburn looked the picture of sophistication and style. While she was most famous for her beautiful hair and dewy skin in this film, we think you should draw inspiration from her accessories. Go with elegant, timeless pieces which will style up the chicest outfit, from the office to dinner you can give your look an unusual twist of Hepburn elegance.

Some Like It Hot
Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate bombshell and regardless of what film you watch you will find her wearing some of the greatest outfits of all time. The little black dress is something she is famous for, or perhaps that gorgeous white silk skater style dress which blew up in front of the press. One of the looks which suited Marilyn the most was her Capri trousers and tight jumper. This is such as casual look for the day, but the megastar showed us how you can still look like a sex kitten, even if you are dressed down.

There are so many films out there with iconic styles you can get excited about. Even if you don’t want to go for the chic look, there are films such as The Matrix which could inspire you to go a little futuristic with your outfits. 

So, instead of hitting the high street this weekend, why don’t you invite the girls over, stream a few of your favorite films and get making some notes. You could even go straight online and buy the styles you have fallen in love with!


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