Elegant Tricks To Tame Your Hair

Hair. It’s such a simple part of us that is never simple to manage. There are tips and tricks in every magazine that doesn’t suit every woman or her hair type and whatever your hair type, taming it is always an issue! You know when you go and get your hair sorted at the salon, and you come out looking like you’ve stepped off a movie set? If you had the chance to have your hair feel like that every day, you would, wouldn’t you?
Frizz is one of the biggest problems for women and there are hundreds of products on the shelves to help combat this hairy situation. It’s caused by a lack of moisture in the air but in some cases, humidity can contribute to it. Throughout the day, our hair loses moisture, which triggers the cuticle to open and let the air in – causing your hair to bounce! There are some awesome tricks you can use to tame your frizz, but if you don’t have the time to use products, straighteners and funky combs that do it all for you, you could go for tape in hair extensions instead. This’ll make your hair look thicker and lustrous every day. Otherwise, our list of elegant hair solutions to tame that mane will go down well:
  • Never skip conditioning. You need to keep the moisture in your hair, otherwise the cuticle will pop right open and let the air in, undoing all your hard work. The catch? Make sure the conditioner you pick has glycerine in it and don’t let it go to the roots. You want your hair to have good volume and look healthily clean and conditioner can weigh the roots right down.
  • Glycer-what? While we’re on the topic of fancy ingredients, glycerine shampoo is a must. Your frizz can be combated from the inside out with the right shampoo and it’ll stop it from breaking easily, too.
  • Masks aren’t just for the face. Your scalp has pores and is as important to take care of as the rest of your skin. We use facemasks to hydrate our faces so hair masks are important for our hair. If you can’t get your hands on a decent product, your usual conditioner can do the job. Twice a week, leave conditioner in without using shampoo, then rinse. The small amount of surfactant in the conditioner will clean your hair beautifully while not stripping out the natural oils.
  • Wait before you switch the dryer on. Use your towel to gently squeeze your hair dry before you blow dry it. Less heat directly on the strands of hair means less heat damage. There are products to help this but why add chemicals if you don’t have to?

Your hair is your crowning glory – why not do everything you can to nourish it? It’s the one part of you that everyone can see so styling is just one way to show your personality. Don’t let frizzy hair get in the way of your busy day. Treat it well and it’ll treat you well!


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