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In a world of Instagram, Twitter, and 24/7 coverage, our obsession with the world of celebrity is greater than ever. And if you’re anything like me, then you will often turn to your favorite icons for inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with stimulating your passion for fashion in this manner. But the key to looking your best is to embrace your individuality. 

You are a unique person, and that character should shine through in the way you dress. Simply copying the latest high street trend or celebrity look won’t work. Your style is a reflection of you as a person, so let it reflect you with these simple tips. 
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Don’t Be Afraid Of The Niche 
Popular fashion is popular for a reason, and I don’t deny that it’s great to have a few outfits that fit the current trends. On the other hand, it’s equally important to embrace the passions that make you who you are. 

This could mean unleashing your passion for retro vibes with a 90s look. Alternatively, you might let your love of a certain music style or hobby shine through. Even if it is a niche item, you should never be afraid to dress in a manner that feels natural for you. Ultimately, you’re the only one who has to wear it, so your comfort and happiness is king. 

Work Your Way Up 
One of the best tips I’ve ever received is to stop finding shoes to match an outfit. Instead of doing this, you should use footwear to form the foundation of any outfit. That’s because the comfort of your feet is imperative to looking your best. 

We’ve all been in situations where we’re hobbling around in shoes that we bought solely because they matched an outfit. As well as looking bad, it can cause long-term problems for your feet. Make footwear the new priority, and you’ll avoid multiple problems. Besides, the vast majority will be versatile, allowing you to build multiple outfits around them.
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The right outfit offers a solid platform for building your look. However, it’s the accessories that will often complete it. From daily attire to outfits reserved for special occasions, getting this aspect right can bring the entire thing to life. 

Subtle additions like clutch bags from Olga Berg are the best way to provide finishing touches without compromising the look. Let’s face it; in addition to esthetic appeal, those items often solve practical issues too. 

Get Creative 
Buying fashion items that work for you is fantastic, but it’s not the only option. What’s better than wearing something rare? Wearing something unique that is additionally the results of your creative work. Upcycling has become a growing trend, and this guide for beginners should set you on your way to success. 

Apart from looking great, you’ll save a lot of money while embracing your personality with those ongoing projects. Repurposing those tiresome garments has surely got to be better than letting them rot in the wardrobe. Above all else, your style will be all about you. Just like it should be!


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