When To Splurge And When To Save On Fashion

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While I’m firmly of the belief that we should spend whatever we like on clothes and nobody has the right to judge, there are some items of clothing that deserve a bit more investment than others. Some of our wardrobe staple pieces, such as spaghetti strap tops and socks, don’t really require a full-on splurge, but others, whether it’s underwear, a staple blazer, or a great pair of pants, deserve a little bit more expenditure. 
It’s all in the power dressing
When we head off to work, we want to look and feel our best - that’s just human nature. It can be difficult to feel like you’re out to slay when you’re wearing clothes you’re not confident in. To make the right impression in the workplace, and to show you’re serious about your job, it’s all about dressing to impress, and that means spending a bit more money. Power dressing is a term which encapsulates everything great about dressing for work - if you want to wear a pantsuit and killer heels, absolutely go for it. Just don’t skimp - choose one which suits your body shape and, most importantly, will last. Comfort has to be a factor too - you’re not going to be on the top of your game when your clothes are causing you to itch all over, so more expensive fabrics tend to be a better option for work clothing.

The comfiest underwear is crucial
Whether anyone’s going to see it or not, your underwear deserves a bit more investment. There’s nothing worse than underwear that rides up, and a bra which doesn’t fit, and all the discomfort and misery that does along with it is totally a great reason for spending a little bit more. Any lady with a, um, larger top half will know the pain of bras that don’t fit. The crippling back pain and crushing rib sensation of a badly-fitting bra are enough to push anyone to take out a new mortgage to buy one which fits. Freya lingerie and bras are an example of a company which caters to women with larger boobs - these companies are great for ensuring they’re going to be particularly comfortable and still look cute too. When you spend all day wearing your bra, the least it can do it not strangle you or crush your ribs.

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A statement piece is an investment
Spending a bit more on your wardrobe is all about working out which pieces are investments, and which are staples, and how this works with your available budget. While staple clothes can be bought from high street stores, style is made up by beautiful statement pieces, which sometimes cost a bit more. Whether it’s an exquisite jacket, a delicate necklace, or a bold jeweled ring, it’s nice to own beautiful items of clothing that make you feel classy, beautiful, stylish, and above all, confident. 

Knowing when to spend and when to splurge is crucial when working out how your available finances will cover all the clothes you love, but it’s important to allow yourself a treat every now and then - after all, you work for it!


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