Beauty On A Budget

Shopping is a past time for most and looking your beautiful best can make your purse cry. So how do you go about making changes so that your beauty products last you longer? How do you swap what you’ve been used to for years to something a little more within your budget? As beautiful as Clinique and Mac products are, they do break the bank when the bank balance is already weak!

There are plenty of ways you can explore your beauty products on a budget and it starts with working on yourself. Make up and beauty products make us feel fantastic and cover blemishes, but you first need to feel good in your own skin before you can put down the war paint and downgrade your beauty regime. It’s not just the actual products to think about, it’s the brushes and sponges that come with it! You need applicators and these can also be bought on a budget.
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Your skin needs time to breathe and if you stop wearing products on your face for a few days, you get the time for that to happen. Make-up blocks the pores and so this can create a spotty, greasy environment. Taking time to put down the sword (make up brush) and cease battle. Give your skin that breathability.

In terms of the cost of products, you could keep going with the more expensive products, but if your beauty kit is costly you’ve got to work out ways to improve your budget. Perhaps taking old and unworn jewellery to and getting them valued can free up some much-needed shopping cash!

Times may get tough, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your skin health. Choose products that are not branded instead of the big beauty names out there. You can find some fantastic cleansers and toners for less than what you pay for the big names. You may also find that these do the same thing! There’s a lot in a name but if your purse says no, compromising on products is the best plan. There are some long-lasting beauty products on the market that are less than £10 a product so don’t feel you have to slap on £50 foundation, when a £8 one does the same job. It’s quite often than beauty mags run comparisons between supermarket make-up products alongside the designer names. More often than not, people can’t tell the difference between which is the pricey product and which is the beauty basic.

You can find facemask recipes for natural, at home application using honey, yoghurt and oats. There is so much out there that is good for your skin and you can find it on the shelves of the local supermarkets. Coconut oil is a fantastic conditioning tool for your hair and baking soda can be used as a backup teeth whitening product.

Look to your kitchen cupboards to see what they have in store for your beauty regimen, and save your pennies to turn them into pounds!


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