Kimonos for Summer!

The year has just started and I'm now talking about summer! lol I love summer so why not! I am sure you all are looking forward to summer as well like I do. So why not blog about these lovely kimonos I saw online that I thought are so perfect for summer!? 

Kimonos were a big thing last year and I think it will still be a thing this year. These are perfect for coachella as well! if you're looking forward to this year's music festivals, you might want to check these kimonos I found from Stylewe.
I am obsessed with the fringes! I love the pattern as well. I can see myself wearing this not just for summer but for the whole year! If you love floral pattern, this is definitely perfect for you!

I love me some sheer kimonos too! You guys know I love black and so this sheer kimono immediately caught my attention. Let's also talk about the length of this kimono. I love that it drapes all the way down to the knees! You can use this as cover up for your bikini as well. Or you can recreate this whole look. That would be cool! I can see myself with this look too!

Again, grabbed these dresses from Stylewe. You check them out from their social media accounts too.


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