Big Beauty Trends To Watch Out For This Year

Things rarely stand still in the fashion and beauty world. Trends are changing all the time. No more than at the start of a new year. With the spring and summer season of this year around the corner, it is time to look for the trends that we will be seeing in the beauty world over the coming months. Some current trends will still be around, with a few big things to look out for. So if you are planning some changes this year, maybe read this first. You might not want to chop all of your hair off just yet…

Extra Long Hair
We’ll all be channeling our inner Kardashian with extra long locks this spring and summer. If it is towards your waist, then you know you are onto the right thing. Sleek and silky or natural and wavy; it doesn’t matter which. If you’ve got short hair at the moment, then you could get extensions if you wanted to get in this vibe. You could also read this post about how to grow your hair: It is all about long hair, don’t care in 2017. 

Bold Brows
The brow game is still strong this year. To be honest, I’m not sure it will ever go away. It has got to look better than ten years ago when the trend was stick thin brows! If you are a victim of over plucking your eyebrows, then there is still hope. You can get brow implants these days if your brows have a hard time growing. You could look at a site like so that you can channel some Cara Delevingne.
Glitter Lips
This past year or so has seen matte lips come into play. But this year, matte is still going to be around. The thing is, they will now be with added glitter. Can you remember having a glitter lipstick when you were younger? Well, now you can get it out from the back of your drawer. If you don’t have a glitter lipstick, then you can simply dust on some glitter on top of your lipstick after it has been applied. It is much simpler than you might think. Glitter will feature quite big in other makeup too. Fancy adding a little bit of sparkle to your brow bone or cheekbones? Then a bit of glitter or shimmer will be a big thing this coming season.

For the past few years having a strong, bold winged eyeliner has been on trend. Many people have just had that eyeliner with some mascara, and they’ve been good to go. Over the next few months, we will see the return of underliner. You could try an upside down cat eye on your lower lid, or a more subtle line of colorful liner on the lower eyelid. It isn’t an everyday look, but for going out and parties this look is on point.

Any of these beauty trends that you’re looking forward to trying out this year? Some of them might sound a little extreme but done in the right way they can look really great.


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