5 Things Every Stylish Woman Should Have

As women in today's society, there's a lot of pressure on us, everything from what we eat, what we wear, who we date, and whether or not we choose to have children seems to be under constant scrutiny.

All you really have to do is look at the magazine stand in any store, and all you see are images of female celebrities being criticized one way or the other.

It really doesn't have to be that way, though: sometimes we make things more complicated for ourselves than they really need to be, when being a woman is actually pretty simple.

Below you'll see that we've put together a very short and simple guide of the things that a woman should have at least one of at her disposal. It's important to note, though: these are not for the benefit of anyone else, but simply things that will make you feel good and make your life a bit easier.

  • A little black dress: pretty much suitable for any occasion, have one of these in your wardrobe and you're good to go - whether for a spontaneous date with a gorgeous guy you want to impress, a night on the town with the girls, or even for a formal work party - every woman should have at least one little black evening dress;
  • Some quality makeup: this is one of those areas I don't believe in skimping on - if you're putting stuff onto your face, then make sure it's good quality. If you can get organic cosmetics, then even better, but it's not essential. The thing with makeup is, it's generally quite easy to tell what's good and what isn't, simply by looking at it, and once you start using better quality, you'll notice the difference in how it lasts as well.
  • A good selection of shoes: by no means am I suggesting that you go out and get a Carrie Bradshaw style shoe closet, but having different shoes for different things will make things a lot easier. For example, a good pair of quality, stylish sneakers for day-to-day activities or for the gym will always come in handy, as will a nice pair of stilettos or backless heels will go perfectly with your little black dress.
  • A nice piece of jewelry: this doesn't mean you have to be draped in diamonds from head to toe, but one simple, timeless piece, or even just a fun, trendy accessory that you can wear for any occasion will always make you feel like a million dollars - especially if the piece has a lot of sentimental value.
  • A best friend: although this really has nothing to do with being stylish, I thought it was important to add, anyway, because everyone needs at least one person they can talk to. Having a best friend who understands you, supports you, is there for you when you need them, who listens to you when you need to moan, who makes you laugh more than anyone and knows you're there for them, too, is one of the most priceless things in the world that any woman can have.



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