Pastel Prom Dresses by Dressfashion UK

Here are some other gorgeous dresses I recently spotted at Dresfashion UK. If you noticed, I've been blogging about this brand lately. Why not?! I think they're amazing and they have cool items. That's why I'm sharing them to you guys. And I hope you like my picks and this type of posts. 

So anyway, back at it... I'm sharing more dresses today which I thought are perfect from Prom. If you love pastel and girly design then you will absolutely love these set of dresses.

If pastel blue is your favorite color, Dressfashion UK will be your haven for sure. They have a ton of lovely blue dresses for you to choose form. This dress above is just one of the many beautiful.

If you love sheer lace detail then these dresses will surely fit to your liking. Love how these dresses fit perfectly for Prom. The look demure, classy and appropriate for young girls to wear. But you can totally use these even to company events and other occasion.

And if you're the type who prefer cocktail dresses, Dressfashion UK also has a ton of options for you. Love this satin pink dress from their collection. Love the fabric, and how the top looks like a lingerie. Do you guys notice how lingerie design has been going on lately? this dress is a proof to that.

Hope you guys love these dresses like I do. Make sure to check their site out to find more amazing designs! Have a great day!


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