How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

Ask any bride, and she’ll tell you just how important it is to get the wedding dress right. More than right – absolutely perfect! You may be marrying the love of your life, but if your dress doesn’t make you feel fabulous it can really dampen the mood. One of the biggest keys to finding the wedding dress of your dreams is knowing how to shop for your shape. Here’s some advice on what will suit you.

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An hourglass figure has both top and bottom halves of the figure in perfect proportion, with a slim waist. As you’re already pretty well balanced, it’s a good idea not to accentuate either half and stick to a simple silhouette. Corseted and figure-hugging dresses are perfect to show off that little waist, and a sweetheart neck can add emphasis to your bust without making you look un-balanced. And you can always use some of the dress alteration services to have the dress fit you perfectly. The options are pretty open for the hourglass!

If you’re a pear shaped woman, you’re smaller on the top than the bottom, with large hips and narrow shoulders. Whilst shopping, avoid dresses that will put more focus onto your bottom half, such as mermaid, tiered or trumpet dresses. Princess gowns and strapless ball gowns will look gorgeous on your body, emphasising all your best bits and moving attention away from your hips. 

Triangle figures are basically the opposite of a pear – you’re wider at your shoulders than you are your hips. V-necks and scoop or wide necklines will work well on you, helping to make your shoulders appear narrower, and decorative details towards the middle and bottom of your dress will attract attention down. You should be avoiding dresses with large, puffy sleeves or halter necks. If you’re having a wedding in colder weather, sleeves are a definite win for triangles!

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The more voluptuous of the body shapes, apple figures have large breasts and round hips and bottom. If you’ve always wanted a gorgeous ball-gown wedding dress then you’re in luck – this will be the perfect shape for you! A simple dropped-waist A-line can also be incredibly flattering on apple body shapes. If you want to avoid emphasis to your waist and stomach, princess and empire line dresses are the ones to leave behind.

If you’re slim, you have a slender frame with no obvious curves. If it’s curves your seeking, a fitted bodice and full skirt are the perfect pair. Beading and embellishment can also be used in specific ways to create the illusion of a curvier figure, though this is a bit harder to achieve. There’s not really any dresses that slim figures should avoid – the focus instead should be enhancing what you already have and showing off that willowy body.

Petite women are known for having little frames and being usually around 5”3 and under. The main thing to avoid in a wedding dress is going too over the top – avoid all the frills, bows and beads and keep things simple. A clean cut silhouette without a lot of excess fabric is what you should be looking for, and embellishments should be delicate and feminine. Avoid big ball gowns and full skirts at all costs!

Every girl dreams of finding the perfect wedding dress, and knowing what will suit your body brings you one step closer to making yours a reality. Not only will you find a dress that makes you look and feel incredible, it’ll also make the whole process of wedding dress shopping a lot less stressful if you know what to look for. The most important part of the day, of course, isn’t what you’re wearing, it’s who you’re marrying – but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous.


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