Bag and Shoes Addiction

Most of us girls are all about bags and shoes. For no exact reason, we are addicted to these objects more than anything else when it comes to fashion. Do you agree? because I totally agree. I'm more of a bag and shoe person. I just can't get enough of them. 

I currently don't have that much bags and shoes in my collection as much as maybe most of you girls, but I can definitely say it's growing. I've been checking out different sites lately and found some amazing shoes. I saw these whole bunch of cute and funky women's shoes from Omgnb which I already blogged about in the past.
I'm eyeing this cool sneakers for quite some time now. It's very Korean style which I am currently starting to love. I don't have this design in my shoe collection yet so definitely considering this one when I have the budget sometime soon. I hope they still have lots of stock by that time! lol

The color hue is definitely an eye candy. I couldn't even choose which one I'd get. Loving the wide variety of shoes on Omgnb. Aside from sneakers and these flats, they also have cool fashion boots which are definitely perfect for the rainy season. Here are some of my absolute favorites.

Totally digging these boots. Very timely because it's the rainy season here in the Philippines. And these boots are perfect for the weather. I currently have two pairs of boots which I rarely wear because it's questionable given the heat and weather here. Definitely loving the current season because it's the perfect excuse to wear boots. Would love to ass these boots in my collection.

Aside from having a ton of shoes option, Omngb also has so many cheap bags for women of different style, size and colors. My eyes were literally overwhelmed with so much cuteness. 
If you're the shoulder bag type of person or you prefer backpacks and sling bags, well they got it all for you. I'm not saying this just because this is a sponsored post. But because their shop is LIT! You better check them out for yourself. Enjoy shopping!


  1. Perfect shoes. I would wear them all. And this pink backpack is so cute too :)

    Brina xoxo,


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