Weight Gain: Avoid Relapsing After Reaching Your Target Weight

If you thought you could return to your old habits once you reached your target weight, you might want to think again. Weight gain is an issue faced by many dieters once they’ve achieved their ultimate weight loss goals. This is usually because many of them want to celebrate the outcome of all their hard work for a while. However being too relaxed about their diet and exercise regime can inevitably cause them to pile on the pounds. In little time, all of their hard work over the last few months or even years can quickly be undone. So rather than losing weight then putting it back on again with a short time, keep it off for good with these tips and tricks.

Start journalling

Writing in a diet journal each day can be a simple but effective way of staying in control of your weight. You can use it to track how many calories you consume each day which can then make it easier to make better food choices. It can also help you plan how intense your exercise regime needs to be to burn off your excess calories. For instance, if you’ve eaten lots of high-calorie foods one day, you can organize a longer gym session and eat low-calorie foods the next day. Seeing it clearly written down allows you to pay more attention to what you eat which can easily prevent you from gaining.

Engage in physical activity

It’s no surprise that exercise is a vital way of avoiding weight gain. So even though you’ve reached your ideal weight, you still need to make an effort to exercise each day. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean making frequent trips to the gym or going to extensive runs. Recent studies have found that even small methods of physical activity can help to maintain a healthy weight. With this in mind, start looking for opportunities through your day where you can move more. You could take the stairs rather than the lift at your office or ride a bike to work. Cleaning your house and doing star jumps during ad breaks can also help you avoid gaining weight.

Stick to your diet

Eating a balanced and healthy diet will not only help you reach your diet goals but can also help you maintain the weight afterward too. If you go back to eating too much of the wrong foods, your body will understandably gain weight. So rather than ditching your diet, stick to it but also try to make it seem more exciting. Perhaps you can use alternative ingredients or spices to add more interest to your healthy recipes. You might also be able to make low-calorie versions of your favorite sweet treats. Go online and see what other people have done to make their diet more enjoyable. If you do find yourself gaining some weight, reasses your diet and use supplements like Garcinia Cambogia to get you back on track.

While you should celebrate reaching your weight loss target, try not to go too overboard. The best way to avoid regain is by realizing that exercising regularly and eating healthily are things you will need to do forever. Not just when you’re trying to lose weight.


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