Wedding Belles - What You Need To Look Your Best On The Big Day

Congratulations! So you are about to tie the knot? Then you probably have a lot of things on your mind right now? So let me help you make your bridal look easier. Read on for some guidance to ensure you look gorgeous on your big day.

The Right Dress

Of course, a lot of a brides focus before the big day goes on finding the right dress. In fact, wedding dress shopping can become an event in itself. Try not to worry too much about offending people by not taking them with you when you go to choose your outfit. The people that you really want there are the ones that are going to be most supportive of what you want, but will also be truthful. You don't want to look silly walking down the aisle.

While you may have a distinct style of dress in mind, listen to what the bridal assistant say. They will be able to tell you what shape will suit your figure the best. They can also be able to give you some hints on staying in budget and getting the look that you want.

The Right Shoes

Bridal shoes have come a long way from the plain ivory satin numbers that people use to wear. Pretty much anything goes these days as long as they look fab and it's what you want. For the more casual bride why not try something like Converse All Stars? Or for a beach wedding what about some bling flip flops?image source

For brides with short dresses how about some crystal studded platform heels? Or you can even rock a pair in a blue shade for your 'something blue?'

The Right Makeup

Of course, while you want everyone to take in your dress and shoes you will also want to make sure that your face is perfect for the photos.Some people do this by employing a professional makeup artist to do their makeup up for them on their wedding day.However, others choose to do their makeup themselves. It's isn't as intimidating as it seems. In fact, you get total control over how you look, and you can save some money too.

All you need to do is research the best bridal makeup products in sites like Then have a few trials runs before the big day, so you are skilled at getting the look flawless.

The Right Hair

Hair styles can be something to fret over of the big day too. This is because a lot of brides choose a formal updo. However, it's better to match your hairstyle to your dress. If you do want something quite traditional than going to a salon or getting the stylist to come to you is a good idea. Or if you are rocking a more informal look you can curl your hair yourself.

The Right Jewellery

Every bride wants the right jewelry to set off their look. But it can be hard to know what works the best with your dress. If you have a plain and classic dress, you can go a bit more OTT on the jewelry and include some bling and pearls.

However, if you dress is already blinged out then a simple necklace on a delicate chain can be all you need to finish off your outfit.


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