Want To Look Picture Perfect On Your Wedding Day? Find Out How

While you might think you are the only camera shy bride in the world, this is not true in the slightest. Even though some thrive under the spotlight, many brides feel anxious about being the center of attention. The idea of having their photograph taken constantly can make many brides feel anxious. It doesn't matter if they are taken by their photographer or by their relatives. Just thinking about it can fill them with dread. Unfortunately, this nervousness can stop you from enjoying their wedding to the fullest. It can also be translated into the photographs which are being taken. When you are anxious or filled with nerves, it can be difficult to look your absolute best. This can sadly leave you with an album full of photos of yourself that you dislike.

Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some simple things you can do to ease your anxiety. Read through these handy hints and go from camera shy to picture perfect in no time.

Prepare in advance

Bad skin, dry hair and excessive sweating are just a handful of beauty issues faced by brides. They can stop you looking and feeling as beautiful as you should on the biggest day of your life. Knowing your hair and skin isn’t looking flawless can also make you feel nervous when in front of the camera. The easiest way to avoid this from happening is by preparing yourself in advance. You can visit your doctor or discover the MI-Skin Dermatology Center to help improve the appearance of your skin. This can be achieved through bespoke facials or medication. Drinking more water and eating skin enhancing foods can also help.

If your hair is causing you concern, make an appointment with an experienced hair stylist. They might recommend a nourishing hair treatment that breathes new life into your hair. A fresh cut and color may also help to improve its condition. Sweating is an embarrassing issue to deal with on your big day. Particularly if you’re wearing a brightly colored dress. While avoiding heat and wearing deodorant can help, Botox injections can be a more long-lasting solution. So no matter what kind of beauty issues you are worried about, there is bound to be a remedy you can try. But remember, the results of these treatments and lifestyle changes can take months to appear entirely. So start the process sooner rather than later.

Organize a pre-wedding photoshoot

A pre-wedding photo shoot is a simple but effective way of calming your nerves before your wedding day. While they might be an additional expense to add to your budget, they can be beneficial in multiple ways. Firstly, it gives you and your partner a chance to build a rapport with your photographer. The more you trust and get to know them, the more comfortable you will feel in their presence. A relaxed looking couple will alway look more attractive than ones who look tense. The photoshoot also gives you a chance to try out different poses to see which ones work best. This can be extremely useful as it means you can avoid making unflattering poses when your big day arrives. Organizing this shoot will also give you some insight into what it will be like on your wedding day. You may even realize that having your picture taken isn’t so bad after all.

To organize your shoot, get in touch with your photographer. Ideally, you should try and hold it at your venue. But if this isn’t possible a nearby park or beach can work just as well.

Carry an emergency beauty kit

Weddings are an emotional occasion, particularly for the bride and groom. So it’s likely that a few tears of joy will be shed at some point during the day. While it’s good to show your emotion in your wedding photos, your tears can have an effect on your makeup. Smudged mascara, in particular, is not a good look for a bride. The weather can also stop you from being camera ready. It can cause your makeup to run and your hair to fall out, which could have an impact on how you look in your photos. Feeling self-conscious about your appearance will only add your our feelings of anxiety. This is why an emergency beauty kit is so important. It allows you to quickly deal with any makeup or hair mishaps to ensure you look your best throughout.

As it’s unlikely you will want to carry a large bag around with you, only include essential beauty items. This might include a comb, powder, makeup wipes and hairspray. Try to buy these in miniature versions if you can so they can easily fit into your handbag. Your bridesmaids or maid of honor should be able to help you put this together if you’re short on time. This can give you the backup you need to look fabulous even after bad weather and tears.

Have fun

While posed photos are glamorous and look fantastic, it’s also good to have some less formal shots in your wedding album. So don’t feel pressured into always looking like a model. Have some fun with your poses and pull silly faces. Joke around with your guests and dance like nobody's watching. The images captured during these moments will showcase your personality and sense of humor. They also depict genuine emotion which can give your wedding album a personal and unique feel.

If you’re worried about looking foolish, remember that your partner loves you unconditionally. They think you look spectacular no matter how you look in your wedding photos. So rather than worrying about what you look like, focus on your partner instead. This will ensure you get a wedding album full of photos that really capture the love and happiness you feel. Another tip is to forget about the camera altogether. That way you can relax and enjoy the celebration of your marriage with your guests and partner.

With the help of these handy hacks, the photos captured of you on your wedding day will be absolutely stunning. Just remember to relax and have as much fun as you possibly can.


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