It's Not Too Hard To Look And Feel Gorgeous After A Baby

Pregnancy does a hell of a job on your body. If you’re reading this article, you probably know that already. You’re looking for solutions. The truth is that your figure is never going to be completely the same. It’s important to get used to some of the changes to your body and live with yourself. If you want to feel confident, sexy and healthy, however, that’s entirely possible.

Easing into a routine

Let’s stop you right here, Miss Gung-Ho. You’re not going to be doing high-intensity interval training right away. For one, push yourself too hard and you’re a lot more likely to rebound. Secondly, your lifestyle most likely doesn’t support spending every single day in the gym. It’s important to ease yourself back into a healthy living routine. This means good meals, smart snacks, and exercise that gradually builds. Don’t overexert yourself, you’re going to need that energy.

Regaining confidence

It’s time to shut up the little niggling voice in the back of your head. No, you don’t look tired, you look great. Childbirth can knock the confidence you have in your own body, so get it back. BB cream can be a valuable tool in giving you that ‘slept wonderfully, thanks’ look. For a lot of women, confidence can be tied to the shape of their body as well. In particular, your boobs might have changed quite a bit through the pregnancy. If it’s impacting your confidence, as it does for quite a few women, breast augmentation might be worth considering.

The baby belly

When talking about confidence, we know there is one aspect of your body you probably want to tackle more than others. The belly. Number one, don’t focus so much on it. It’s not the only part of you, so think about what makes you feel beautiful. Number two, accept that toning it up is going to be a gradual process. Basic crunches, Kegel exercises, and exercise balls are going to help, but it’s about sticking to it. It’s not a race to the finish.

Those dreaded stretch marks

One of the physical impacts of pregnancy that gets the most complaints is the stretch marks. Stretch marks never truly disappear (unfortunately), but they do fade over time. You can also do a lot to speed that process up yourself. Consider stretch mark creams like Trilastin and roll the marks away.

Look cute whenever

We’ll say it time and time again. You are not your belly or your stretch marks! You can find a way to look cute and feel sexy whenever. A big part of that is finding the right clothes to wear. Learn your new body and what sizes you are. Slink into comfy things like men’s shirts whenever you feel like looking and feeling great. Love who you are.

As much as the efforts to help yourself bounce back into your past state are important, it’s important to take care of your head as well. Remind yourself that you are a beautiful woman and that these steps are just helping you highlight that.


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