Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching. If you live somewhere in the world where Halloween is a big deal like in the US, you might want to check these unique Halloween costume ideas I found online.

Sugar Skull

This is one of my favorite costume idea for halloween because it screams so much about halloween! You will only need to google search how the makeup is done, look for gothic black clothing and you're good to go!

Animated Pajamas

But if you want a hassle free and easy to go costume, then an animated pajama such as these will be a great idea for you. Not only will it instantly transform you fit to the halloween vibe, it will only cost you a cheap amount. You can be Olaf, Baymax, Doraemon or a cute unicorn! I found these at Mascotsuper. They also have mascot costume available!

Pokemon Mascot

And speaking of mascot, I found this cute pikachu mascot costume still from Mascotsuper. They have  a bunch of Pokemon mascot that I thought are perfect for halloween too. It might be kind of hassle, but if you're the type who like to stand out and just want to have fun then mascots are the one for you. Also, Mascotsuper have super cute panda mascot costume.

Sims4 Costume

If you are a huge fan of Sims4 like me, then this DIY Sims4 halloween costume is your peg. It is super easy to make! simply cut out a green diamond shape of hard paper, attach to a headband and you're done! You can also recreate this super unique naked Sims4 costume idea. 


And if you are an child at heart, then recreating a barbie style would be an amazing idea! You can be the Fit Barbie, Toy Story Barbie or Vintage Barbie. Who wouldn't love to look good and cute for Halloween?!

Suicide Squad

And if you're one of the Suicide Squad fans, then recreating their looks would be fun too. There a ton of amazing and easy to do tutorials on Youtube on how you can recreate these looks.

That's it. I think these ideas would be perfect for Halloween. Also, I think these very timely and trendy. Let me know what do you think about these and if you have other Halloween costume ideas in mind. Have a great day!


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