Choosing A Bachelorette Party Theme Doesn't Need To Be Hard!

A bachelorette party allows a bride-to-be to celebrate the ending of her single life. She can let her hair down after months of wedding planning and start looking forward to her upcoming nuptials. Planning this event can be difficult so anything you can do to make it easier is a must. Having a theme is an effective way of doing this. From the food you serve to the activities your organize, a theme can make your planning more straightforward. But with so many different themes to choose from it can be impossible to know exactly where to start. So whether you’re the maid of honour or the bride, consider using one of these unforgettable party themes for this special occasion.

A disco theme

If the brides is obsessed with disco music or just loves the 1970’s, then this is the theme you need to choose. You can enjoy some disco-themed food and cocktails before hitting the town for a night of dancing and fun. Head to a nightclub that hosts events dedicated to music from the disco era. The entire group including the bride can wear vintage clothing or disco costumes for some added fun too. Think flares, platform boots and garish patterns. The entire groups won’t be able to stop dancing, and the party will probably continue well into the early hours.

A vintage tea party

If the bride wants something more sophisticated, a vintage tea party theme could be the perfect option. This is also a fabulous option if the bride doesn’t drink either. While you can have tea parties that involve alcohol, tea if often the most popular option for this theme. Many stately homes provide afternoon tea parties, or you can opt to host it at your own home instead. You can make sandwiches and cakes which can then be served on tiered cake stands. Vintage china cups, teapots and saucers are also a must to create a real vintage vibe. To enhance this theme even further, why not head to a salon where you can each get a vintage makeover beforehand.

A festival theme

For brides who love music and festivals, a festival themed bachelorette party is a must. Flower crowns, Wellington boots and an amazing playlist is all you need to get this party started. Festivals for all kinds of music tastes are held throughout the year and a whole host of different venues. But if you’ve missed the main festival season, you can create your own in your backyard. You can pitch tents, hire a local band and provide plenty of festival snacks to keep everyone happy. This is an ideal theme if your bride intends on inviting plenty of people to her bachelorette party. Why not make exclusive wristbands for everyone to wear to make this theme seem even more authentic.

When choosing a bachelorette party theme, always make sure the bride’s d interests are taken into account. The last thing you want is to make the wrong decision and for the bride to be miserable throughout. So choose wisely and make it an event nobody forgets.


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