Where To Find Unique and Meaningful Jewellery

Jewellery is more than just a fashion accessory; it can hold so much meaning and sentimental value. It’s a special way to represent love and emotion, as well as a way to hold onto treasured memories. Since good quality jewellery will last a lifetime, it’s an amazing gift and is also something that won’t lose it’s value. If you’re searching for a meaningful piece of jewellery, here are some ideas to look into.

Charm Bracelets

The good thing about charm bracelets is that loved ones can gift you charms, allowing you to create a truly special and unique bracelet. You then have the sentimental value of each charm from each different person, and can wear them at the same time on one piece of jewelry. This is great because you of course wouldn’t be able to do this with individual pieces of jewelry. There are lots of brands who offer this, from Pandora to Troll Beads to Links of London.

Diamond Jewellery From Ashes

The loss of a loved one is always painful, but there is a unique process which allows you to always keep them close to you. After cremation, ashes can be turned into diamonds to create the most beautiful and special piece of jewellery. Companies such as Heart in Diamonds even offer this service for pets. It’s a way to always keep a loved one with you forever and is a lasting way to hold onto their memory.

Engraved and Personalised Jewellery

Even a simple piece of jewellery can be made into something unique and meaningful with an engraved message. It makes it much more personal and immortalises a special message. You can personalise jewellery in other ways too. For example, you could choose something with the birthstone of the person you’re gifting to. To make it extra special, you could have something like a ring created by a jeweller with the stone, setting and metal of your choice for a unique one-off piece.


Lockets are a sweet, meaningful piece of jewellery. They’re not as popular in recent years as they once were, but are still a great sentimental piece. Most lockets will have space for one or two photos inside. This could be used as a token of love for a partner, friend or family member or be used to remembering someone who has passed away. 

Laser Photo Jewellery

There are a variety of companies that now offer this service. You can send in a photo, and have it lasered onto a piece of jewellery. This would make for a great, unique piece which would be perfect to give as a gift or just to preserve a photo that you love. Again it’s ideal as a token of love or a way to remember someone. You can find this service cheaply on places like eBay who laser onto stainless steel. Or you can pay more and have it lasered onto silver or gold by specialist companies.

Do you own any special, unique jewellery? If so, where did you get it?


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