Get The Perfect Instagrammable Face

Instagram is an absolutely massive platform for bloggers, businesses and regular people alike. Whether you follow makeup bloggers and models on Instagram or not, you’re bound to see their faces on your ‘discovery’ screen. I always used to look at them and wish I could take pictures like them - they all look so flawless! Now I know exactly what to do. Want to know? Read on for the perfect instagrammable face…

Get The Lighting Just Right

If you want to make your face perfect for instagram, the first thing you need to do is get the lighting just right. Some people use actual expensive professional lighting to do this. Other people use phone cases that light up. Whatever you do, you should never stand directly under lighting, or have it behind you. This can create unflattering shadows on your face. If you’re going to take pictures outside, the best time to do it is later on in the day when the sun has gone down a bit. You can also place a white sheet behind you to brighten up the picture and perfect your face. 

Pick A Complementary Filter

You don’t need a filter to look beautiful, but it’s the whole point of instagram in the first place. Pick a complementary filter. This is usually down to personal preference, but Valencia is an extremely popular filter for selfies. That being said, some people are going right into the edit and colours section, and adding a red color to the filter. This supposedly shows up makeup better! 

Try A Makeup Tutorial

Try an instagram makeup tutorial to get makeup worthy of instagram. Usually, you’ll find the girls on instagram are wearing very heavy makeup. This isn’t usually makeup you’d wear in the day, or even out, but makeup you’d wear if you were having a photoshoot done. This is why many of them look perfect - because they’re wearing a lot! 

Whiten Your Teeth 

Pouts are popular, but smiles look awesome. Whiten your teeth to make sure they are instagram ready. You can also correct any problems you have, with the help of dental implants and other solutions. Some people even use clip on veneers, but be careful as these can damage your teeth.

Know Your Angles

Knowing your best angles will help you to take a shot you’re really happy with. Usually, a shot from higher up is very flattering and will slim your face. 

Pick A Good Backdrop 

A backdrop that isn’t too distracting is a must. You can take it against a wall, or anything you think will show up your look better. Make sure there aren’t too many things confusing the eye in the background, unless it really adds to the shot. 

If you want the perfect instagrammable face, try using these tips. Just remember, be the best version of yourself and don’t try to be like anybody else. We’re all unique, and that’s what really makes us beautiful! Have fun and leave your own thoughts and tips below!


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