Why Wear Makeup?

The makeup industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world. Every day, thousands of women and a few men apply makeup ahead of their day. Whether they’re working, socializing or just taking their time around the house. So why is it that so many people spend their time and money on foundations, powders, lipsticks and mascaras?

Evolutionary Factors
Psychologists have found that there are certain physical features that people tend to favor in a partner. When it comes to women, attraction is traditionally linked to fertility. Younger, healthier looking women are supposedly more likely to draw a mate. Makeup can allow people to alter their appearance, to give them a younger and more healthy look. 

  • Foundation. Foundation evens the skin tone, giving an impression of symmetry and healthy skin.
  • Blusher. Women tend to have a more red or pink tone on their cheeks during the middle of their ovulation cycle. This is when they are at their most sexually viable. Blusher can be used to give the impression of being sexually viable, regardless of the point of their cycle.
  • Eyeliner and mascara. Big, doting eyes are associated with the young and apparently younger is better when it comes to evolutionary logic. Eyeliner and mascara can give nearly anybody a flawless, doe-eyed look.
  • Lipstick. Studies have shown that red lips draw more sexual attention. Women with red lips are often perceived as more attractive than those sporting other shades.

Expressing Personality
Like clothes, makeup can give others a key indicator of who you are as an individual. The vast array of cosmetic colors, tones, textures and styles available to try means you can make your face reflect your personality. Bright and bold tones can radiate confidence. More muted tones can suggest a more demure and relaxed personality. Whether dramatic and sexy, or subtle and natural, everyone will be able to find a style that is right for them.

Perfecting Your Flaws
Nobody needs to wear makeup. However, it can help boost your confidence when it comes to parts of your appearance that you don’t like. For some, this may be brightening undereye circles. For others, it might be concealing a rogue spot or blackheads. Makeup can go a long way to helping you feel more comfortable in your skin.

The Fun Factor
From makeup manufacturers to beauty bloggers and makeup artists. Makeup isn’t necessarily a chore. There are thousands of people out there who devote their whole lives to the cause. Collecting products from your favorite brand and experimenting with different styles and tools. Playing with makeup can be fun. Not only for the end results but in and of itself. Seeing your face transform in the mirror with a Kardashian-esque contour and a lick of glossy lip color is like a grown up version of playing dress up. 

If you want to alter your appearance without makeup, beauty treatments might be something you’d like to look into. Check out our piece on cutting edge beauty treatments for an idea of how to freshen up your look in less than an hour.


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