Where People Go Wrong When Taking Care Of Their Hair!

You may be surprised to know that the average woman spends over a year and a half of their life styling their hair. We spend ages trying to get it to look perfect in the morning. But unfortunately, it tends to go frizzy by lunch time! Here are some things we are doing wrong when taking care of our hair. 

They style it when it’s still wet
One thing which is never good is styling your hair when it’s wet. When we rush in the morning, it’s often the case that we have to try and straighten or curl our hair while it’s still damp. But you will end up damaging the hair if you put hot tongs on wet hair. In fact, your hair will often make a sizzling noise when straightening, as it’s cooking your damp locks! It will be pointless straightening it while it is still wet as your hair will dry during the morning and will end up going frizzy. Remember to put any products on wet hair and then dry it. Otherwise, if you apply it after, you could be burning the products into your hair when straightening! 

They use any shampoo and conditioner
Another thing where people go wrong when taking care of their hair is they use any shampoo and conditioner. I think we are all guilty of buying the cheapest shampoo in the store when we are broke. However, it might not be the right shampoo for your hair type. If your hair is dry and damaged, you need a shampoo and conditioner that will be right for this. Also, some shampoos are best for a particular hair color. You need to check the bottle before you buy the one on offer to make sure it’s right for your hair! Make sure you aren’t shampooing your hair too often. Stick to every other day to keep it in a great condition.

They have their hair dryer too hot 
Another thing where people go wrong when taking care of their hair is that they use their hairdryer on a high setting. If it gets too hot, you are going to end up burning your locks. It will also dry out your hair and will remove any natural waves in your hair. Therefore, you need to keep it on a mid-heat. If you find your hair dryer is getting too hot and burning out, you might need to get a new hair dryer. You can check out the best hair dryers right here! Remember to use a heat protector so you don’t end up causing damage to your beautiful locks.

They don’t brush it before styling
You should also not make the mistake of not brushing your hair before styling. You need to ensure you brush your hair when you come out of the shower, so that you can remove any knots. It needs to be smooth before you attempt to style your locks. If you don’t brush it before styling your hair, you will find it will be tangled and will kink easily. You also need to ensure you brush your hair, so it’s low-maintenance. 

Remember to use hairspray to help lock in that perfect style. But make sure you don’t use too much hairspray as it will look greasy!


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