What You Should Know About Perfecting Your Makeup Base

Getting a perfect makeup base isn’t something that only professionals can hope to achieve. If you want to get a flawless makeup look, it all starts with perfecting that base. Whether you’re focusing on eyes, lips, or that popular highlight, getting your base right first is essential. Here’s what you should know about perfecting your base:

Skin Needs To Be 100% Clean
Before you apply anything to your skin at all, it needs to be 100% clean. This means taking a good cleanser, such as a foam wash, and cleansing twice. The first cleanse will take off dirt and old makeup off the surface, while the second will go in deeper to really get the dirt out. Only then should you go ahead and apply your moisturiser. Make sure you let this sink in before you apply your makeup, as it can affect the finished result! 

The Clearer Your Skin, The Better
The clearer your skin is for makeup, the better. Although anybody can have perfect looking makeup, it’s going to cut so much time and effort out of it if you have clear skin. Make sure you’re helping your skin by eating right and keeping up a good routine. If you have acne, you can look into treatment like fractional co2 laser for acne treatment. Do your best to treat your skin right and it’ll look great. You’ll notice a big difference in your makeup as a result. 

A Primer Is A Must
Before you go in with your foundation, a primer is a must. You can find all kinds of primers. Some are silky, some are creamy, and some are even like gel. Make sure you choose one that compliments the kind of skin you have and the sort of makeup you’re applying. Not only will it blur imperfections, it’ll help your makeup stay on for much longer.

Choose A Foundation To Suit Your Type/Tone
Always choose a good foundation that suits your skin type and tone. If you have good skin to start with, there’s no need to wear anything too heavy. Sheer foundations can look amazing and give you a gorgeous glow. Ensuring the foundation matches your skin colour is very important, so always check it out in natural light to be sure. 

Sponges And Brushes Make All The Difference
Applying your foundation with fingers isn’t the best way to do it. There are amazing sponges and brushes you can buy that will give you an expert finish. Try out a few different methods and see what you prefer to use. 

Don’t Forget To Set It! 
Finally, don’t forget to set your foundation. If you don’t use at least a little powder after applying your base, then it could slide right off your face. Some people like to use the ‘baking’ method, but this can take a lot of time.

Use these tips the next time you want a flawless base and you’ll be amazed at the finished result. If you have tips of your own, make sure you leave them below!


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