Do You Know What A Poor Diet Can Do To Your Skin?

We all know the importance of a good skin care routine. Cleansing and moisturising are two of the most essential things to do each day. And who hasn’t suffered a breakout? Reaching for your favourite skin tamers can save a lot of embarrassment. We all love to have that perfect, flawless look. But when it goes wrong, what is really to blame? Is it all about the hormones or could what you eat have a bigger part to play?

Fats in the diet do add up to fat on the body. And some of that fat can end up on the face. But the types of fat we eat can determine how those fats are deposited. High cholesterol foods can be responsible for those fatty white cysts we can get from time to time. They are really hard to get rid of and can last for months. Good fats, like the ones found in avocados or almonds, simply don’t react like that. And did you know that you can avoid a lot of cellulite by sticking to fish like salmon?

Diets that are high in refined or processed sugars are thought to lead to that unhealthy ‘panda’ look around the eyes. It used to be suggested that lots of sweets and chocolates caused acne. This may or may not be true, but there are ways to avoid this kind of skin complaint. If you’re a big fan of the sweet stuff, why not look for an alternative way to enjoy it? Fruits are naturally very high in sugar. However, these sugars are a better source of sweetness than refined sugar from the cane. 

You can try things like miracle berry tablets to help you avoid anything other than a natural choice. After all, we all prefer natural products on our skin. Things like tea tree oil can be a very welcome relief to sore or sensitive skin conditions. So why not keep your diet natural? Natural foods like bright coloured vegetables are full of antioxidants. These are thought to prevent damage and ageing to the skin from the environment around us. If you don’t eat them, it’s thought you could be prone to looking older.

Of course, a poor diet could be relative. You may already be eating lots of fresh foods and healthy options. But your skin may still be blotchy or have blemishes. This could be down to food intolerances or even allergies. The diet you’ve chosen may simply be a poor diet for you. You can be tested for these things if you pay privately. Or you might want to cut out one thing at a time until you notice an improvement. 

Poor diets can leave our skin with blemishes or dryness. It might become red or blotchy. You might even have sensitive or itchy skin. The skin on your body could be potted or stretched from cellulite. Or you may regularly suffer from adult acne. Anything from dark circles to boils could be down to poor diet choices. Eat well for a healthy body and healthy skin.


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