Beyond Cosmetics - What Happens When You Choose Surgery?

Most of us are familiar with using cosmetics to enhance our best features. Some of us may also use our make-up skills to reduce the appearance of our least favorite features. However, there are times when men and women look to more radical solutions to create the look they want. Choosing surgery is a big decision to make. It takes time to research all the options and pick the right surgeon to help.

There are many wonderful beauty products available, but sometimes a bigger change is desired. Once a patient has made up their mind they want to seek out a cosmetic surgeon, it is the doctor’s job to check they are suitable for the procedure. Many of us have seen pictures on the internet of surgery successes. You may have seen breast reshaping or rhinoplasty before and after photos that have encouraged you to undertake a similar procedure yourself. It’s worth holding onto these images, as you may be able to discuss them with your doctor at your consultation.

During your consultation, you may also be asked detailed questions about your general health. Cosmetic surgery often requires a general anaesthetic. Most patients need to be in good health before surgery can commence. You may also be asked about your job. All surgery requires a period of ‘down’ time. This is also known as the recovery time post surgery that you will need to take off work. Once you are physically well enough to work, you may still have swelling and bruising that will be noticeable. It’s best to ensure you can take enough time out of the office before agreeing to a procedure.

Some patients choose to keep their surgery a secret. This can be quite hard to do if you haven’t prepared. You will need to make sure you have everything you need at home for the days or weeks you’ll be recovering. Extra food and drinks or a delivery service will be ideal. Some surgeries like tummy tucks or breast enlargement may leave you a little sore for a while. Simple things like lifting your arms to wash your hair may be uncomfortable. Consider asking your partner to help.
Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive. Many doctors offer finance packages. This breaks down the cost of the procedure into monthly bite-size amounts. You may have to pay a sizeable deposit to apply, though. Some people prefer to save up for the full amount before undertaking the surgery. Paying with a loan or credit card could substantially increase the overall amount you pay for the procedure.

On the day of your surgical procedure, your doctor will let you know what is required of you. The surgeon may need you to go without food or drink for a few hours. You may even need to pack an overnight bag. It’s always best to attend the clinic with a friend who can make sure you’re OK getting home. Surgery can be a little frightening too, so a friend will be able to help you feel more relaxed.

Surgery certainly isn’t for everyone and few of us would make a snap decision about it. But sometimes surgery can boost your confidence. Would you choose to have cosmetic surgery?


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