What You Need To Prom 2016

Prom is always on the corner. We have different prom seasons so it's basically like an all year round event. For you guys who are about to go to prom, this post will definitely help you out!

Prom is always one of the hard times we go through because it takes a lot of work, especially to those who consider it big deal. For me, when I went to prom I didn't cared at all. It was just like a requirement to me but I totally regret it now that I remember how I look like and how I dressed up during my time. If you want to look decent or even good, you definitely have to prepare ahead of time. So here are my top prom essentials!

A prom is not a prom if you're not dressed up! This is by far the hardest thing to do because dresses tend to hide when its prom. You don't want to dress up on the same dress as one of your colleague right? one tip I can give you to avoid duplicates, is to shop online. Dresses online are very unique and one of a kind. Not only that, it's even cheaper too! You can choose from a lot of designs whether you like a cocktail dress or a long gown or a princess gown, it's all up to you. Everything can be bought online at an instant click. These dresses are my top picks that I saw from Modabridal.

We don't go to prom with a shoulder bag, don't we? Avoid bringing a huge bag as if you're travelling or bringing books with you for school. Bring a clutch where you can fit your essentials like phone, blotting paper, touch up powder, a small perfume and whatnot. These clutches I picked are perfect for prom because they're the perfect size. Not bulky and not too small.

And do not forget to finish your look with the right amount of accessories. If you're dress is simple, accentuate it with a statement necklace. Or if you want to highlight your hairdo, add an elegant touch by putting some floral pins on the right places.

Modabridal Prom Shoes by emmerey featuring black sandals
Last but not the least, choose the right shoes. Always consider comfort than style. If you can find a pair of shoes that have both quality, then you are lucky. If not, always make comfort your priority of choice. These shoes I picked are without a doubt elegant and perfect for prom that I thought you guys will fall in love!

That's it. I think if you're done looking for these things, then you're prom ready! All you need to do is find a good makeup artist to finish your prom look. If not, you can still practice the look you are aiming for and watch makeup tutorials on Youtube. Anyway, if you're wondering where I got all these amazing stuff, you can check out Modabridal. Everything you need for prom or even weddings, can be found of their site. They sell a lot of wedding & prom dresses, and even shoes to accessories. You can check out Modabridal Prom Shoes UK for a wide array of shoe options! They have a lot of options that you can choose from so definitely check out their site!

That's all for today, I hope I helped you with your prom dilemma, and I hope you like this post. Leave your comments below and let me know when is your prom this year :) Have a great day!


Now it is homecoming/ prom/ wedding season.
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