Things Everyone Gets Wrong With Accessories

Accessories are often an afterthought. You have your outfit sorted and then you just grab a bag or a necklace, and you're ready to go. But we should pay more attention to accessorizing our outfits. Our looks can fly or fail, depending on the way we dress it, so make sure you are not getting your accessories wrong with the guide to the things everyone gets wrong below.

They wear too many
Looking like a jewelry sales rack has fallen on you isn't the way to do things. Less is more when it comes to accessories. Being understated makes more of a statement than being dripping in jewels and designer bags. So think carefully about the impression you are trying to give off. Coco Chanel was famous for advocating this idea. She suggested that all women should look in the mirror before they leave the house and take one accessory off. 

Of course, if you are keeping your accessorizing to a minimum, you’ll want to invest in some classic, quality pieces. Try a bracelet or two and a few diamond rings. Then you'll have that little bit of sparkle without being over the top.

They wear the wrong style
Another major faux pax is that women often wear the wrong style of accessory. They style of accessory should be based on two things. The first is the out of the outfits, especially the neckline. Low necklines should be emphasized with stranded necklaces. While collars and chunky statement necklaces go better with round necked items.

Many women are also unaware that their choice of accessory should be dependant on the size of clothes the wear. Plus size girls can achieve a great look with oversized bags and large statement jewelry because it works on a more complementary scale.

There wear the wrong color
One of the biggest mistakes that women make when wearing accessories is that they think only about the style and not about the color. Bags don't always need to match your shoes, but they do need to either be neutral or stand out as a contrast to your outfit.

It's important to get jewelry in tones that compliment your skin tones. Warmer skins look great accessorized with gold and rose gold, while cooler tones suit silver and metallic black.

They buy cheap

Lastly, the mistake that we are all guilty of is buying cheap accessories. Getting a green stain on your skin is not a pretty look. It's much better to mix and match expensive and more budget options, so it's harder to tell what price they wear. If you can't afford more expensive pieces ask for the as birthday gifts and build your collection up slowly. Just make sure you are in love with each piece before you ask for it.

Also, it's quite easy to spot a cheap fake designer bag, so make sure you look at the seams and the quality of the fabric it is made from before you buy. If you are buying an original designer bag, always buy from an official outlet. It a bargain seem too good to be true on eBay, it probably is!


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