Suitable Gifts For Colleagues And People You Work With

Buying presents for our best friends and close family can be a doddle. This is because we know them really well, and we know their likes and dislikes. Buying for a colleague or person you work with, however, can be far trickier. But maybe it is a public holiday or their birthday? Or perhaps they are celebrating their own special occasion, like the birth of a baby or a new house! Whether it is your first job or your 50th job, you will know the importance of getting on with your colleagues and people you work with. Not only does doing so make your life easier, but it can also make work more enjoyable. So, let’s take a look at four suitable gifts for colleagues and co-workers. 

A hamper is a fantastic gift if you want to get the something extra special. It is also great if you want them to be able to share their gift. Perhaps with a partner, or children, for example. Companies like have a large variety to pick from. A food hamper is great if the gift is to celebrate them moving into their new house. 

Gift card
If all of the above ideas make you a bit anxious, play it safe. There is nothing wrong with that at all! After all, the thought to get them a gift is worth more than the gift itself! How about getting them a gift card. Don’t know their favorite stores? Then how about one that incorporates lots of different stores? Or, how about one for the coffee shop they stop at before each work this morning? Or a favorite restaurant that they were chatting about last week? This gift, while just a card, can be personal and thoughtful, so don’t think that it can’t.

Desk items and stationery
Do you work in an office? Then chances are, you and your colleagues have your own desk and workspace? In this case, how about buying them something for here! After all, it is a gift they can use every day at work. You even get to see them using it! There are loads of cool desk gadgets out there. Check out for some examples! How about something to hold their morning smoothie or a new mousemat. Alternatively, you could go for something less practical and more novel. Perhaps a unique pencil holder, or a comedy mug? Just make sure it doesn’t cross over the line to unprofessional or NSFW (not suitable for work!) If you’re buying for a boss or manager, a sophisticated and well-presented pen is always a good bet! 

Tea and Coffee
Treat your colleague or coworker to something a little different to the standard fare tea and coffee in the staff kitchen. If they drink tea, how about some speciality teas! Do they have certain fruit they’re often eating? Then this could inspire your flavor choice. Or, if they are a coffee fan, how about a fancy bag of coffee. Or an accessory to help them make a great cup! If you’re lucky, they might even offer you a cup or two also! Yum!


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