Five Gifts Ideas For The Girl Who Has Everything

              Some people are notoriously difficult to buy for. Work colleagues, new partners and pretty much any member of the male species to name a few. But the worst culprit has to be ‘the girl who has everything’. We all have these kinds of people in our lives- whether it’s a friend or family member, this girl is probably a bit of a shopaholic and already seems to own just about everything. So what do you buy for someone like this? Read on for five ideas. 
Something Home Made
              Thanks to Pinterest DIY gifts are cooler than ever, and there are so many ideas out there to inspire you. So if you have a skill, put it to some use! Homemade candles, jewellery, terrariums, the list is endless. Even if you’re not the queen of crafting, there are gifts you can put together without a sewing machine or glue stick in sight. How about a custom hamper filled with treats, based on a theme? For example a baking basket could contain a collection of different shaped cutters, an apron, fun edible decorations and some ingredients packaged in little mason jars. A pamper basket could contain a face mask and other beauty products, fluffy socks, new pyjamas and a scented candle. A movie night hamper could contain a jar of popcorn kernels for them to pop themselves, a new dressing gown and a voucher for Google Play. Gifts like this are good because you get the cute homemade quality, but because it’s a custom selection of different bits and pieces it’s not likely to be something they’ve ever had before. Have a think about the kinds of things they like, and you can tailor it especially for them. Finish it off with a handmade card and you have a gift that shows you’ve really put some thought into it.

Something Quirky
              Another option would be to choose a fun novelty gift. Have a browse for something that relates to your friendship or relationship in some way, maybe it represents an inside joke or something that you often laugh about together. You could go for something that reminds you of a holiday you once took or an experience you have had together. Scour Cuckooland's wonderful collection of gift ideas for her for creative and unique ideas. This will definitely bring a smile to their face, and is bound to make them chuckle every time they look at it. Gifts like this are particularly good as they are personal to them, and are probably things that they are not likely to already own.

Something Personalised
                Personalised gifts always go down well, as they tend to be the kinds of sentimental things that the person you’re buying for can treasure. You could have a special photo of the two of you printed and find a beautiful frame to put it in. You could create a memory scrapbook filled with pictures and keepsakes from your experiences together- things like ticket stubs, foreign coins and postcards from holidays away, cuttings from maps and other bits and pieces that represent your friendship. It’s handy if you already have these kinds of things saved up, but if not start collecting as soon as you can. You can often find forgotten photos on Instagram and Facebook so spend some time going through and picking out things to add. Finally you could add some text, from heartwarming poems to funny captions. If you were going down the personalised route, having some jewellery engraved with a special message is a good option.You could have a personalised framed print made up for them to hang in their home, or even make something like this yourself if you have good design skills.

An Experience Day
                    Experience days make fantastic gifts, when the person you’re buying for already has all of the material possessions they want or need then this is a bit out of the box. Not only do you get to treat them to something that they’ll enjoy, but if you accompany them on the day you can give them your time as well. A great bonding experience and something that will create lasting memories. Have a think about what the person enjoys. You could book a show or a musical the theatre, or keep it simple and treat them to a movie at the cinema if you’re on more of a budget. You could get tickets to a concert to watch their favourite band or singer perform live. You could treat them to a pampering day at a spa, or even book a holiday or short trip away to somewhere they have always wanted to visit. Anything that allows them to spend the day doing something they enjoy will go down well. It could be afternoon tea at a fancy restaurant or high end car driving experience, depending what they’re into! 

Something Edible
                    Edible and drinkable gifts are great for people who seem to own everything, because even if they’ve had them before they can enjoy them again. You could go as simple or as fancy as you like. For a thoughtful (yet less expensive) option how about cooking them their favourite meal with a complimenting bottle of wine, with a tasty homemade birthday cake for pudding. Alternatively you could dine out, and take them to a nice restaurant. If you wanted to give a physical gift, go for a bottle of their favourite tipple along with a box of their favourite chocolates. Even people who seem to own everything don’t tend to have backups of things like this at home, and so it will always be a nice treat for whoever you’re buying for. Along with a pretty bunch of flowers and a card, it’s a gift that will leave anyone smiling.

                   There you go, five different ideas to inspire your gift for the girl who has everything. What would you buy for someone like this? Do you have anyone in your life that you struggle buying gifts for?


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