Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Lips And Lip Sticks

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We tend to think of putting on our lipstick as the easiest part of our makeup routine. Just pop off the cap, turn the bottom, smear on the lips and go. But there is quite a bit to finding the right lipstick and applying it well as you can see from the questions and answers below. 

Q: Do I need to use lip liner?
The simple answer the this question is a great big yes. Lip liner stops your lipstick from bleeding onto your face. It also makes it a lot easier to apply as you can see exactly where to put the color. If you don't like that harsh line you get with liner, use a clear one which will do the same job, but be invisible.

Q: Can I wear any lip color?
Yes and No. You can wear any shade you like, and i don't really like too many rules in makeup. It is good to experiment and see what looks nice. But having said that, it’s always good to know the rules, even if you are going to break them. 

Lip shades should be chosen based on quite a few different factors. The first is your skin tone. Some colors like oranges and coral look splendid on warmer skin tones, while others like rose colors look better on skin with a cooler tone.

The next thing is the look that you are going for. If you are going super vampy and retro, then you’ll probably want a strong red or burgundy lip. If you are going for dewy, natural beauty, then a nude or very pale pink will be better.

Q: Should I overline?
If you are desperate for bigger, fuller lips consider overlining, before you reach for the phone to call your plastic surgeon. Overlining lip is a super hot trend right now. If you haven't come across it before, it is where you can give yourself any lip shape through makeup. 

First, you cover the lips in foundation and then you use a liner to draw the shape of the lips that you want on and fill with lip stick. Make sure you go above the natural line of your lips, where you want your lips to be bigger (overlining) and under when you want them to be smaller. The problem with overlining is that it is still possible to see you natural lip line sometimes. Using a matt lipstick helps to prevent this.

Q: Do I need to set my lipstick?
We all know that lipstick has a tendency to rub off throughout they day or when we eat and drink. To minimize this, you need to set your lipstick. You can get lip coating products to do this, but they can be a bit astringent and tingly on your lips. Although they do help to preserve the shine of a gloss product. An easy way of setting your lips is to pat in with translucent powder, but this only works for matt lipsticks.


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