4 Ways To Keep Your Holiday Alive When You Arrive Back Home

The thing about holidays is that they’re fleeting. We save for months for two weeks of exotic locations, new experiences, and relaxation. And it is totally worth it. The only downside is the post-holiday blues. When you arrive back in your rainy country and take up the daily toil again, you suddenly feel drained. How many times have you through that you need a holiday to get over your holiday? And you do that thing where you keep thinking, this time, last week I was floating in the sea, etc. 

There are ways to beat the post-holiday blues and keep that vacation spirit alive. It just requires a little thought and some holiday magic. 
1. A Gentle Re-Entry
If you arrive back home on Sunday, don’t start back at work on Monday morning. Give yourself an extra day or two to adjust. Time off is precious, and we’re all limited as to the amount of time we have available. Getting back to reality with a bump is counterproductive. Give yourself a day or two to ease the re-entry. 

2. Bring The Holiday Home
One way to extend your vacation is to recapture some of the feelings. One of the things we love about holidays, is that sense of freedom. We’re not tied down to an alarm clock or schedule. We can enjoy the moment and go wherever the day takes us. Often when people take some time away from their everyday lives, they have the opportunity to reassess. Distance brings clarity. It is a time when they rekindle their dreams and look at all the possibilities. 

Try to recapture these moments by setting the scene. Recreate the fragrances and aromas from your travels. This can be achieved simply with decorative reed diffusers or scented candles. Choose the exotic fragrances that bring to mind the beautiful scenery and surroundings. Scent is a great way to evoke nostalgia and recall happy memories and feelings.

Cook a meal using all of the ingredients and spices you enjoyed abroad. Find a bottle of wine from the region to complete the evening. Find a CD with local tunes or create a playlist. 

And then there are simple ways to bring the holiday back with you:
  • Displaying souvenirs and trinkets you picked up on your travels. Find creative ways to do this.
  • Printing and displaying photographs.
  • Displaying shells, pebbles, and other found items from your time away.
  • Meeting family and friends and talking about your vacation.
  • Read a book or watch a movie that is set in your holiday location.
Create a scrapbook or travel diary of your experiences.

3. Make Changes
If your feelings about being home are a little more than post-holiday blues, it might be time to make some changes. Don’t revert to type and follow your old habits. Explore the dreams and ideas you had while away. How could you make them happen? I’m sure that most of us would like to quit our jobs and hightail it back to our adopted country, but that’s probably not possible. Instead, think about what is possible. If you don’t like your job, find another one. If you want a career change, take some courses or learn a new language. And if you are serious about emigrating, there’s nothing to stop you exploring that possibility. 

4. Plan Your Next Trip
And finally, when you’re experiencing the vacation blues, plan another holiday. Sit down and start reading through travel books and blogs. Make a wishlist of the places you would like to visit. Start the countdown to your next trip away. 


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