Things You Can Do Now To Stop Your Skin Prematurely Aging

As Marilyn Monroe sung in How to Marry a Millionaire, ‘We all lose our charms in the end.' But modern developments and insights into how skin behaves, mean that we can now delay this process as much as possible. Check out my tips below, for keeping your skin looking young and healthy at any age.

Cleanse tone and moisturize
To get young, healthy looking skin, you must cleanse, tone and moisturize daily. You need to make sure that your makeup is taken off at night, and you can use a foaming cleanser to do this. Cleansing will remove dirt and makeup and any other foreign bodies from the surface of your skin. It also encourages the pores to open, giving them a thorough clean. There are many gadgets available to help you cleanse which include brushes and special bamboo facecloths. Find one that suits find one that suits your routine and stick to it.

Then comes the toning step. This is where you apply a mild astringent liquid to the surface of the face, and this closes the pores. Toning gives the skin that elasticity and spring you're looking for. It is often a very refreshing phase of your skin care routine, and many toners include added ingredients such as a Vitamin E and Cucumber.

Lastly and most importantly do not forget to moisturize. Moisturizing your skin can stop it stop it becoming dry and flaky. It also helps to repair any damage to the skin and keep it in good health generally. It is a good idea to use the night cream in the evening. Night cream is a heavier and more intensive cream. While you're asleep, it has the opportunity to be absorbed and go straight to work in the upper layers of the skin, where it's most needed.

If you are particularly concerned about skin aging, you may want to try to speak to a company that provides cenegenics. This is an age management programs which works on a preventative principle. By adjusting your diet, hormone levels, and exercise they can minimize health and wellbeing issues related to aging.

Drink the water
Another key element to keeping your skin young and supple is to drink enough water. You should be aiming for around 2 L of water a day. If you are struggling with this, you could try no added sugar flavored waters or another healthy option such as white tea. An excellent way to track your water consumption is with one of these daily planner sheets. There is space on them to record every time you finish a bottle of water, and you can also record your exercise and healthy eating plans here too.

Go natural
Going natural is a great way to help your skin retain its youthful glow. This means at least one day a week, go without any makeup at all. Yes, it might be difficult to do at first, but your skin will thank you for it. It allows your face to breathe and gives it a break from all those makeup chemicals. You could pick a day that works best for you; it doesn't have to be when you have that meeting first thing Monday morning! Even if you take your makeup off when you get home from work, and allow your skin to breathe during the evening, this will give it a boost.


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